Revolution – A New Player Has Signed In

18th May 2017 — by Connor Mathieson


Car enthusiasts spend an awful lot of their time and money customising their cars. One way of doing so is through painting the cars. Painting is a fantastic way of transforming the appearance of a car whilst retaining the original overall looks. From a simple tone change, to a completely unique colour.

Revolution was started by David and Will Smith in November of 2014. Since then they have grown to become a highly respected company not just in the local area, but throughout Scotland. Many people travel huge distances to drop off cars to be worked on by these guys which really comes across when you see how many cars they have at the shop waiting in the queue to get started on.

As the name suggests they are a paint shop but also do a lot of body work jobs. They can be doing anything from something as simple as fixing and respraying a bumper that has been knocked up to fitting a body kit to a car and coating it in a fresh lick of paint.

The amount of effort that goes into painting a vehicle can’t really be portrayed with words, So let’s go through a typical painting of a classic shape Subaru.

Firstly of course time is spent stripping and preparing the car. A lot more time goes into this than I myself had thought. It does take a considerable amount of effort to take every part from the car and then begin preparing them for paint.

When I first started taking photos at Revolution, both Dave and Will would tell me to get a few shots of the insides of the doors. After some conversations it seemed that there is a number of paint shops that don’t actually paint these parts. So essentially the ‘norm’ is to paint the car with the doors shut. It wasn’t until after this that I started to notice a fair few cars with mismatched paint from the outside to the insides of the doors.

Cars done! Right? Nope.. After the car has actually been painted begins what is the most time consuming period. The stage involves fixing all the little blemishes that appear on the paint after spraying, After that the car then gets a good wax to help the paint really shine!

Only after all this work has went into a car is it then complete. This can take a considerable amount of time and the overall timescale can vary wildly depending on what is being done. For example painting a race car that is more than likely going to get a few knocks here and there & on the other end of the scale, a show car.

I’ve been shooting in Revolution for a few years now and as a first hand viewer of their growth I must say, It’s incredibly impressive how they have grown in such a short period of time.

It’s not just about how popular they have become of course. The quality of work they bring with every project they undertake is outstanding. whether it be a Mini cooper, Van or even a boat. (Yes they managed to fit a boat in the shop!) With the standard of work and a unbelievable price to match, There is no stopping how far they can go!

Hit up Revolution Paintwork on Facebook to have a chat about possible work you might be looking to get done, or for a quote!

Have a look bellow for some more of the work they have taken on!

Photos and words by Connor Mathieson



Finalboss 2015

12th January 2017 — by Connor Mathieson



Finalboss, where all the mega cool Japanese creations in and around the UK come to Driftland for a weekend of shenanigans and banter.

This year would see the arrival of seriously cool cars and some badass vinyl creations all being prepared for this event itself.

From the amazingly well put together wrap on the MintyFresh cars, to the exceptionally cool Tekno AE86 trio. Finalboss 2015 was already looking to be awesome before it had even begun…

The Tekno guys made the long trip from Ireland to Driftland with 3 of their awesome 86’s. Seeing and hearing all the 86’s in videos simply does not prepare you for the imminence eargasm that the trio produce!

A few guys came up with their comp cars to have a little play between their busy schedules.

Daze high of his first BDC event from a few weeks before, was out having a great time in what’s in my opinion, one of the cleanest S14’s in the UK from a style point of view.

Quite possibly the best thing about Finalboss is the people that attend. Its more about bringing a whole bunch of cool guys and girls together for a weekend of meets, greets and banter. As well as the drifting of course..

Alex, Hux and Dan had a stupid close moment at the beginning of the day, with one of them spinning out almost causing a pile up. Naturally everyone laughed it off!

Mark Norfolk had thee most unfortunate weekend I think I’ve ever seen. On the way up to Driftland in his PS13, he had an issue with the car causing him to travel back home, unload the car and make the decision to load up his 180sx. After then having to spend a good few hours on the Saturday morning replacing the diff he finally got out to drift. On what must have been the 2nd or 3rd lap in his first session his car caught on fire. Mark hadn’t realised this for almost half a lap, He finally noticed and managed to get out of the car.

Fortunately Mark wasn’t injured, To my understanding a fuel line came into contact with the exhaust manifold. Regardless of what happened it was a pretty terrible way for his weekend to go.

As well as all the “outsiders” to use a phrase, there was also a lot of locals on track. One of which was William Rose, who brought along his BDC compact and proceeded to run it off the wall the majority of the time..

Jonny McIntosh was another local to bring his awesome 1jz powered S14, Jonny took me out for a run earlier in the day to which we ran the car up the bank ripping the rear bumper off. As expected he blamed me for this little off.

Alex of course rocked up with his S14. It is a cool car, Work VSXX’s, fittest of fitments and just ridiculous lows.

It’s really cool seeing these cars from all over coming together and kicking it sideways. Seeing the likes of Stuart Lawson in his FC chasing in the Mintyfresh guys is just a great sight to witness.

All in all, Finalboss is a really laid back chilled out event even if the driving suggests otherwise. The fact that people prepare their cars for Finalboss is testament to the kind of presence it holds. It was really cool seeing all these awesome builds come together in one place.

Now the hype train commences for Finalboss 2017

Words and Photos by Connor Mathieson 


Watson’s Cupra

1st December 2016 — by Connor Mathieson


Gone are the days of boxy angular cars, the new age of cars are big and curvy.

Depending on your preference with cars, that old boxy style that had a big on going within BTCC back in the days really provided some damn cool cars. Obviously this style doesn’t come from the BTCC era nor was it the only thing around back then, but it was a significant visual within BTCC racing.

Ross has had this car for nearly 4 years now. When he got the car it was more or less stock with only a stage 1 engine map and a Milltek exhaust.

In the 4 years Ross has had the car, hes transformed it into quite the track weapon. The build list for this car is massive which i shall post down bellow!

On the inside hes removed the rear seats, replaced the fronts with a set of Corbeau Clubsport seats as well as adding in a full rollcage.

Rota Slipsteam’s are the everyday wheel choice with a set of Cupra R Super T’s for when the car hits the track.

The Cupra really is a nice change at the track from all the typical track cars that are around. Rarely do you see a very nicely set up Seat at the track, never mind on that is an absolute rocket!

Words and photos by Connor Mathieson

Here’s that spec list as promised!


– Ko3s Turbo
– Revo Stage2 Map
– 2.0TFSI Coilpacks
– Ported Manifold
– 3″ Decat Downpipe
– 2.5″ Blueflame System
– Jetex Filter
– Forge TIP
– Forge 007p Dumpvalve
– Toyosport 600mm X 300mm X 76mm FMIC
– 2.5″ Pipework
– SFS/Ash Silicone Hoses
– Forge Map Sensor Tube
– N249 Bypass
– N112 Bypassed
– SAI Removed With Forge Blanking Plate
– Carbon Canister N80 Removed
– AC Removed
– Pholenic Insulator Gasket


– G60 Flywheel
– VR6 Clutch
– TT Short Shifter Selector
– eBay Short Shift
– Richbrook Gearknob


– Neuspeed 28mm Rear ARB
– Neuspeed 25mm Front ARB
– KW Variant 1 Coilovers
– PowerFlex Full Front Kit Bushes
– PowerFlex Black Series Rear Beam Bushes
– Seat Sport Strut Brace
– OMP Front Lower Brace
– Custom Rear Strut Brace
– Vibratechnic Engine/Gearbox Mounts


– 312mm Front Calipers & Carriers
– Drilled & Grooved Discs F+R
– Ferodo Racing DS2500 Pads
– Dot4 Racing Fluid


– Rota Slipstream’s 16×8 ET34
– Cupra R Super T’s 16×7 ET35 (Track Wheels)
– Toyota T1R’s 195/45/16
– Race Stud Conversion


– Drilled Bumper/Canards
– Custom Wings
– 5000K HID’s
– LCR Front Splitter
– Fog Lights Removed
– Rear Wiper Removed
– Stubby Ariel
– Colour Coded Bumpstrips


– 2x Corbeau Clubsport Seat
– 2x OMP Subframes
– OMP Deep Dish Suede Steering Wheel
– Ex Rockingham ‘CustomCages’ Full Cage
– Momo Boss Kit
– Nomad Single Gauge Pillar Pod
– AutoGauge Boost Gauge
– Cupra R Volt Gauge
– Cupra R Oil Temp Gauge
– Dension Ipod Interface
– Audi TT Pedals
– Stripped Out Rear


DriftCup Round 5 – Driftland

14th September 2016 — by Connor Mathieson


The final round of DriftCup drops into Driftland. An impressive grid size but even more impressive is the Scottish driver turn out taking up around half of the grid.

Practice had only been going on for roughly 30 minutes and already people were settling in and getting some nice, close driving providing quite an exciting practice. Even with a lot of drivers never having been to Driftland before, After an hour or so of practice 90% of people were starting to put down consistent runs and with only the occasional spin here and there, providing plenty of practice time for everyone.

Qualifying went great for the local Scottish lads, with 13 of them qualifying and going into top 32 battles. Mark Gemmell hot of his win in SDC last weekend qualifyied 1st. William Hanna first time competing in DriftCup qualifying in a strong 5th place with Taylor Bloomfield and Barry Stevenson just making it into the top 32. the later half of the top 32 was very fiercly contested with positions 19 to 31 only seperated by 4 points!

With Mark Webb already winning the championship before round 5 there was no pressure on him, but ofcourse he wouldn’t want to sit out. That almost became the case with his car throwing a fit right as he was going into qualifying, luckily for him he managed to put in 2 runs that planted him into 25th position. Michelle Westby managed to put in a great qulifying run putting herself into 8th position going into battles. Michelle like many others who had never been to the track before, started out slowly reading the track and lines then progressivly charging harder with each run.

First battle of the top 32 was also the first pair of Scots to battle. Taylor was nursing a clutch issue in the E30 since qualifying which hampered his runs with William, giving William the win. That’s not to say that it was an easy win for William, but he was on fire all day driving really good!

Barry the punk faced of against 2nd place qualifier Stuart Maclachan and were having good battle, but on the 2nd run barry seemed to come in too hot and had a spin, giving the win to Stuart.

Now we come to the battle that will be talked about for quite some time.. Michelle Westby vs Mark Webb. Even before the battle it looked to be interesting. Michelle was driving very well as seen by her 8th place qualifying position and Mark just wanted to get on some doors and have a blast. In the first run coming through the transition in between clips 6-7 Mark was too close which caused him to be thrown of track giving an easy 10-0 advantage to Michelle.

The 2nd run is where things get interesting. Michelle chased super hard on mark but coming through clip 3 seemed to straighten up and quite simply rammed him.. Causing them both to slide up the bank and most interestingly cause their battle to go into a one my time. Also interesting to note is the smile on marks face as they were spinning up the bank, with both of them throwing a fist out the window and having a hug, no hard feelings were had. after another few interesting runs Mark would eventually take the win over Michelle.

Jeek faced of against the mighty Kriss Darling. Now you may be wondering.. “whats with the ratchet strap on Kriss’ car?” Well, in practice his bonnet flew up and smashed the window. I’m guessing as a safety measure they thought it would be best to make sure it couldn’t open again. In battle Jeek couldn’t quite chase as closely as Kriss could and Kriss ended up going through to the great 8.

Ben Fisher and Chris Taylor met in the top 16 and provided a very nice close battle that Ben would eventually win. Ben would then go on to battle Marcin in the amazing Supra in the top 8. Marcin was on fire the entire day putting down superb qualifying lines in the lead position as well as doing some great chase driving netting him a place in the top 4.

First battle going into the top 4 came down to Callum Marshall and Charles Funnell. Charles had taken out quite a few impressive cars to reach this battle. Beating out Stuart Jones in the mighty 400bhp S14 as well as William Hanna. Callum also beat out some heavy hitters, taking down 2nd place qualifyier Stuart Maclachan in the top 16 and then going on to beat Kriss Darling in the top 8. Callum had just that little bit better of a chase drive against Charles, with Charles not quite being able to follow Callum as closely.

On the other side of the bracket Genetic Drifter Rob Johnston was up against Marcin. Marcin had a clean upper had over Rob with track knowledge which seemed to pay of well. Rob chased Marcin well but had to sacrafice angle in order to keep up with Marcin’s Supra giving Marcin the win.

The battle for 3rd saw Rob facing of against Charles in the E36 Touring. both drove excellent lead runs but noticeably Rob chased much better than he did in the previous battle with Marcin.

DriftCup Round 5 final came down to 2 Driftland locals, Both of which had been driving superb all day. Marcin lead Callum in the first run with both drivers showing the same consistant driving they had been doing throughout the competition. After the 2nd run however it was imediatly clear on who had won the battle.

Rob won himself 3rd defeating Charles and taking home a well deserved trophy. Following on from a rather weak chase on Marcin in the top 4 he would vastly improve his chase driving against Charles in the battle for 3rd place. Unlucky for Charles but for someone driving a lower powered BMW, He put in some great work to make it into 4th place.

In the battle for 1st place Callum would take 2nd. Marcin’s chase run in the final was pretty amazing, he stayed all over Callum throughout the entire run netting himself a very well deserved victory. Callum was comming of a 2nd place finish in last weeks Scottish Drift Championship and put in some great work to bag another 2nd place trophy 2 weeks in a row.

Michelle Westby would pick up hard charger honours for providing what i’m sure a lot of people that attended Round 5 would feel to be the most entertaining battle of the day.

Mark Webb had already won the championship at Round 4 but still drove very had at Driftland regardless. with some unfortunate car issues he eventually got knocked out of top 16 by local driver Stuart McLellan. Congratulations to Mark on the championship win, it shall be very interesting to watch him drive in the BDC next year.

Massive congratulations to the top 4 drivers, none of them had an easy job getting to the top 4 in what was a very competative top 32.

In this last year of drift competition in the UK the driving level has sky rocketed. DriftCup may be the feeder series for the British Drift Championship but i feel everyone who made it to the top 16 at Round 5 would certainly give any BDC driver a run for their money in competition.
Words and photo’s by Connor Mathieson


Scottish Drift Championship Round 2 – Driftland

6th September 2016 — by Connor Mathieson


Competition drifting as of this last year has been quite the spectacle throughout the UK and Ireland with the massive step up in driving standards especially within the BDC. The birth of SDC has given the Scottish drivers a real chance to show of what they can do.

Round 2 would be no exception to this fantastic new lease of competitive drifting in the UK, providing another exciting event to witness.

Qualifying was very well contested with a vast majority of drivers consistently nailing each clip and running the wall hard. Our resident English man Glen was driving great as always in a new car and managed to nail himself a well deserved 1st place qualifying spot.

“Pro” drivers are invited to come join in the SDC fun. At the end of the day once the final has occurred whom ever wins overall goes into a David vs Goliath battle. This is where the pro’s come in. before the big battle the pro’s go through a segment of battles themselves to determine who will go against the winner of SDC Round 2. They get to compete in qualifying with everyone else but with no fear of being eliminated they can have some fun and entertain the crowds with some sweet runs.

battles were fiercely contested right from the start, A great statement of what was to come from later battles!

Battle of the Compacts was easily the stand out battle of the day for me. Glen and Kev are both respectably 2 of the best drivers at Driftland, when it comes to aggressive consistency there are very few that can rival these two.

After a few “One more times” and with an unfortunate spin from Kev, Glen would go through and take the win. A shame as Kev didn’t have the best day after clipping the wall, throwing issues up with the car which he fixed and got back out to have my favourite battle of the day with Glen.

Jay Carr from “Mooks school of twinning” as they say, faced of against Mark Gemmell in the mighty Wisefab kitted 350z setting up a really nice battle. Jay really is an impressive driver, for his 2nd competitive event hes entered he easily sits highly within the top 8 drivers which shows when he can qualify joint 2nd. Unfortunately for Jay though, Mark was driving pretty amazingly. 2 competitive events in and Jay is already on everyone’s radar!

Steven faced of against 1st place qualifier Glen for a space in the top 4 and for two very different cars they had a very close battle. In the end glen managed to progress and come closer to a podium spot.

Battle number 1 for a spot in the final was between good mates Stuart and Mark. Both of these cars are running Wisefab and a NOS amazingly enough. Mark managed to out Wisefab Stuart and progress to the final.

Battle 2 for a place in the final. Glen vs Callum, 1st place qualifier vs joint 2nd place qualifier. naturally given their qualifying results it would turn out to be a fantastic battle. with nothing splitting them apart in the first run of battles it would go one more time. after 2 more runs Callum managed to squeeze out Glen and fire himself into the final.

Glen and Stuart went head to head for 3rd place honours.

With the final coming down to Mark and Callum. Both of which are DriftCup drivers so no stranger to competitive drifting. both excellent drivers who produced a great final.

Just like that it was time to crown a winner. “Wee Stu” in the red Coupe picked up hard charger honours. At the start of the day he managed to get his SDC licence and then make the top 24.

Stuart took 3rd place from Glen, Well deserved. Stuarts diff destroyed its self on his very first practice run in the morning and after qualifying in Lewis Dickson’s S14, then with help from friends fitting a new diff he went on to nail 3rd place!

Mark would take 1st place with Callum rolling into 2nd. A great final to end a great day of drifting. With that it was time to spray some champagne and proceed to the shootout for David vs Goliath.

Now it was time for the Pro drivers to show their worth and duke it out to battle Mark for a little glory of their own. Ian in the v8 S13 came up from England to give it a go and try to come out on top. In this battle against David Waterworth he would advance through to the next battle.

Driftland Boss Jeek would battle Jack Symes in the battle of the v8 BMW’s. Amazing jeek managed to sneak in a little bit of tripod action!

Ian would go on to take on Mark in the David vs Goliath battle and take home a trophy.
SDC finale will take place on November 5th at Knockhill. Night drifting and fireworks if Round 2 was anything to go by the driving level should be pretty damn high!


Photos and words by Connor Mathieson