Street Track Life 2 – Drive Harder

16th August 2017 — by Connor Mathieson


Street Track Life is the full on Japan themed event that brings the best of the best from around the UK to Driftland to perform savage stunts and have an epic load of fun.

This year STL was attended by a few youtubers. Toby (Monkey London) was at last years STL in his missile Soarer. This time he brought his monstrous D1SL S15 which unfortunately caught fire after his first session. From what I hear, this isn’t the first time it’s caught fire either. A massive shame as from his one session he was doing big pulls down the wall and by god can that car move. Easily on par with full on BDC/IDC competition spec drift cars. Something you might expect from an ex D1SL car.

Adam Ivell (6TWO1) came up in his nice S15 as well. Really enjoying the colour of his car, it’s a fairly different colour to what you typically see in drift cars.

Lastly Chris (ChrisDrift) brought his awesome GT86, my first time seeing one drift in person and I must say it’s such a cool sounding car! Think of a slightly quieter Subaru Impreza smashing limiter and there you have it. One of my favourite cars of the event to watch getting thrown around.

The variety of cars at STL is what really makes the event so great. One minute you can have 3-4 MX5’s running together, 15 minutes later they are back out chasing down cars with double their power and grip.

On the 2nd day the AE86’s were out. Still to this day there is nothing that makes me as excited as when there is 2 or more 86’s on track screaming their heads off. For STL there was a total of 5, 4 from Ireland and Mr Finalboss in one of his 86’s.

Dan Joyce was chasing down Danny Whyman in what must have been the 2nd or 3rd session of the event. This kind of driving right off the start is what makes the event so fun to shoot and I imagine to spectate. From the word go you have people pushing their cars and running together with other people. This does of course come down to either bravery or just full trust in the person your following. Though I guess if you have no trust in someone your following, why follow at all.

This is my 2nd time seeing the Stylecase guys out on track and its so good to watch them. It immediately obvious that these guys are friends and drift together a lot. Evident from their constant close proximity driving with one another.

Dan from Destroy or Die and Goodboi Style Freddie were showing of their sick new team livery. I’ve always been a fan of livery’s on drift cars but only a certain style per say. This style is the one I think is most noticeable as a Japanese style livery. Flat colour cars with chrome vinyl. It’s Always been something i’d picture when thinking back to older Japanese drifting and its awesome to see it traverse over the sea’s and be well done at that.

Low Origins Alex and Dan were putting down some really nice runs on the first day, it’s a shame Alex had issues with the car and didn’t end up driving on the 2nd day. I’m fairly sure every time these guys have came up one of them has had massively bad luck with their cars and only gotten a short amount of seat time.

The Launder’s were out in their awesome Type X S13’s. I believe Kane in the red S13 was having issue with the car earlier in the first day of STL so it was nice to see them both out on track together.

Steve Saunders has always been someone fun to watch. The thing that always gets me going with Steve is his entries. Coming down the wall he enters 3-4 car lengths further back than anyone else and carries a huge drift from the back end of the wall all the way through the next corner, it’s really something to behold.

In this photo hes already on the wall and been on drift for a few seconds where Dan’s only just started his drift. It might not seem like a significant thing to mention but when you stand and watch him do it for 5 minutes straight, it just oozes massive amounts of aggression.

Will Crashcroft brought his little MX5 up for STL, had been looking forward to seeing Will do some stunts and have a few crashes and he didn’t disappoint.

I was standing watching him over the course of about 10 minutes get progressively closer to wall and had a pretty good feeling he was about to make contact.

he did make contact. Throwing the front of the car into the wall and running straight into the gravel. Surprisingly the damage was fairly light, a dented rear quarter that Freddie the wizard sorted in no time and a small dent to the front of the car.

Here’s a little GIF of the crash!

A huge part of STL that makes it so enjoyable as an event is the general atmosphere. Whenever you come of track for a bit you end up spending half an hour walking around talking to everyone having a laugh.

It’s actually one of the more enjoyable aspects of the event as a whole, the driving part is great but the atmosphere you get walking around the pits hanging out with everyone just has a nice chill vibe to it that I think in some sense should be what sums up drifting in general, in terms of non competition events at least.

Although the guys at GarageFuckHouse have been doing an amazing job of providing a similar vibe to STL in a competition aspect.

STL 2 was a great event, chill vibes and some sick driving for the 2 days. It’s one of those event where if you like nicely styled Japanese drift cars running in trains of 3+ cars, it’s certainly the event that needs to be on your calendar for next year.

Photos and words by Connor Mathieson




FittedUK 2017

4th August 2017 — by Connor Mathieson


I’ve never been much of the person to attend shows, Being someone to shoot more of an action based area within car culture I always thought a show would be too boring for me.

It’s been roughly 2-3 years since I last attended one (not including the Scottish Car Show) a few weeks ago.

The pacing is so laid back it’s an almost alien feeling to me. I can stand and wait a few minutes to get the right shot that I want with no one in the way or with people in the way if that’s the kind of shot I’m looking for. It’s nice to have such options, I almost feel like with drifting I’m rushing to get a base shot so I can try some weird angles or something unusual setting wise then, if I don’t hit them, I’ve still got the base shot to fall back on.

Again it’s nice to have time, If a car is crowded you can just leave and come back later if you wanted, Which I did with this MX5.

Kirsty’s S2000 caught my attention from the second I saw it. It has that super aggressive track spec look to it, Right up to the splitter almost touching the floor. I’ve always been a fan of aggressive looking cars. The way i see it is you either go maximum aggressive with your styling or stick to a more simple OEM look. Both can look amazing and for me either of the two are the best way to style a car. That being said though, Kirsty’s car isn’t massively aggressive in its mods department rather in the way the car sits.

Going back to the whole aggressive versus OEM look, here’s a great example of OEM. Simple and cleanly executed. The car has a small diffuser on the rear and a nice wing that really suits the car well.

My car of the show goes to this Beetle. I mean just look at it. Old school livery that you’d typically see on a Group 5 Porsche with the amazing Porsche TurboFan wheels. It’s easily the best looking Beetle I’ve seen myself and that’s what I like about these kind of shows. You turn a corner and see something that totally blows you away.

The hottest Asian guy I know Jesse had his awesome Lexus sitting in the VIP hall. I watched him build this car over the years through Facebook and it was great to finally see it in person. Work VSXX’s with black faces and bronze lips, First time I’ve seen a pair in this colour and they suited the car well.

Chris’ Gold is yet another of those “simple” cars that really catches your attention. The colour alone makes the car stand out, A real deep yellow colour stands out in the darker VIP hall.

What stands out more however is the impeccable fitment. Lips caressing the arches, It certainly stand out for being a fairly simple looking car for the most part.

I have a great deal of love for older Porsche’s and there’s nothing I like more than a classy Porsche on a nice set of wheel sitting low. Something about them appeals so much to me, I reckon it stemmed from the whole RWB craze.

Hawkeyes are for sure my favourite Subaru of the 2000’s, with a more pleasing headlight arrangement than some of the other models from the same era.

This 350z built by Revolution Paintwork was something I was looking forward to seeing in a finished state. The last time I saw it was pre paint and when the kit was still being put onto the car. It’s a real eye catcher of a car, Super wide stance to it that you can see from quite a distance away.

Car shows are really growing on me. Being able to take time to explore cars and shoot in a more casual manor is a huge difference of pace to what I’m used to but I like it.

Hopefully I’ll be attending some more big shows in the future as the FittedUK guys put on a really great show, Really bringing in a cool atmosphere to the whole event.

Photos and words by Connor Mathieson


Scottish Car Show 2017

18th July 2017 — by Connor Mathieson


SCS this year was arguably a flop in many people’s eyes, personally I think it simply it came down to it being a 2 day event instead of the old format of 1 day. But lets leave that behind and have a look at some interesting machines that stood out.

One of the first cars I noticed was this Nissan Cima. My first time seeing one in person but the white wall tyres were certainly an acquired taste that I had not acquired. It’s still cool to see one of these huge Japanese luxury boats though.

Fresh Auto Collective had a nice array of cars indoors with the first of which to catch my eyes was this awesome little pickup that was sitting on SSR Longchamp wheels.

First of the 2 VW’s in the group was Andrew’s really clean MK6 Golf 35th anniversary. Running on the standard wheels and bags. He had other wheels for the car but needs a new lip and barrel for one of them so back to standard it was.

Next to that was this cool Golf Estate. Not a car I’ve seen all too often myself. rear fitment was impeccable which is always nice too see. Show car or not, having nice fitment just makes a car sit so much nicer than it regularly would on its own.

Eilidh brought along the awesome little rocket bunny Miata. I’m not a fan of rocket bunny at all. But sometimes with the right wheel combination they can stand out and be cool. This mx5 is an example, Meister’s are a strong set of wheels and when they have mega amounts of dish they are just so good. I do feel like if it had a little more front fitment it would be looking pretty damn nice!

Daniel’s 370z is running the Carbonsignal Moonbeam fenders as rocket bunny doesn’t actually make a kit for the 370z, but has a really aggressive look to it so its still pretty cool regardless! Something to do with the wheel to body colour combo just does it for me.

Now we come to my favourite car of SCS. I really like the smoked out headlights, they add a kinda stealthy look to the car. Black cars generally are never too interesting to me. I tend to feel like the colour is a bit plain and bland in a sense. But something about this car just oozed stealth to me. There was a lot of carbon parts on the car as well which done a decent job of bring out a little more detail from certain areas and not just being black like the rest of the car. The only thing i didn’t like was the carbon spoiler. I felt like it just didn’t quite mesh with the rest of the car very well.

Rotiform wheels in a mega large diameter sit nicely under the front wheels with strong fitment. From my understanding of BMW’s rear end setups, they are lower set in the rear meaning to generally get nice fitment all round the cars have a lot of front rake. This BMW has sacrificed the rear and tucked them well under the arches to gain that front fitment.

Bringing the Yakuza VIP style to the show was this cool Lexus. Huge rear arches that had been moulded into the body with the fresh black paint and a host of VIP goodness inside.

You don’t really need words to express how cool it was to look into the interior of the car and see this.. Matched with some black curtains on the windows, Just a damn cool car.

I’ve seen my fair share of “stanced” and drift spec E34’s but never a stanced E34 Touring. The first thing that actually caught my eye was the silver front and rear splitters. A fairly subtle note to the car given its impressive rear and front fitment.

I’m a fairly simple man when it comes to cars. Strong fitment and wide dished wheels are just too good sometimes. This E34 Touring is so simple in a general sense. It has wheels and fitment, no flashy body kits and vented bonnets etc. Just clean and simple.

Outside there was a few very nice cars, This two tone E30 caught my eye. It has this strange sort of strip that runs across the top of the grill above the lights that slightly cuts the top of the lights off. I’ve never seen or noticed this before on an E30 but it’s a nice subtle feature. The black and silver two tone had me second guessing whether I liked it or not, but after a minute or so with the car I really do like it. The silver bottom half especially has a really nice shine to it and i’m a big fan!

This sticker really sums up in a general sense what car shows are about. Make a car that you want. Laying in your bed at night thinking of what you could do to your car to make it even more amazing and actually doing it. These shows are about showing off the car you imagined and then built. Whether it’s as simple as a set of wheels and bags, if it makes you happy and you enjoy the car. Then that’s all that matters, right?

Photos and words by Connor Mathieson


GarageFuckHouse Street Legal 2017

12th July 2017 — by Connor Mathieson


I think it’s fair to say that GarageFuckHouse Street Legal was the best drifting event I’ve attended in years. Splitting up into 2 days rather than the 1 really made the event as a whole just kinda flow better.

Doing it like this meant that practice and Qualifying were on day 1, Battles the next. Any loose time after practice and Qualifying was turned into just an open track for everyone to get back out and drift more and the same was done for Sunday after all the battles had finished.

The section being ran was the BDC 2016 section. A pretty fast and aggressive section with a small change. Instead of the first and last clip being on the wall they were pretty much in the middle of the track. This was basically to allow the low powered cars a chance to actually make the full corner. It worked out well and provided a lot of close runs even in practice.

Being a 2 day event both groups of drivers had 2 hours of practice to start of with. A ridiculous amount of time to get used to the line and find your feet. Most people did 2-3 solo runs then got straight into battle practice.

So it came the time for qualifying, as well as the time for Freddie to do what Freddie does best and stuff it up the bank. Amazingly everything was perfect and he just went back out on track and threw down 2 solid runs netting a nice 5th place, A personal best qualifying position from himself.

Among everyone were 2 BDC drivers. Callum Marshall in the 1JZ powered E36 and Mark Gemmell in the monstrous v8 350z. These two are no stranger to  my write ups.

No one would be surprised with them both qualifying in the top 5.

Top 32 provided some interesting battles right from the start. Nick Warburton all the way from the Isle of Man took 11th place in qualifying was going up against Craig MaCleod in the E46 compact. Craig has been featured a few times in the past here in his S14 but never in his compact.

I think that he actually drives the compact better than the S14 to some degree, That being said he has had issue with the S14 the past few times i’ve seen him. Nick put in a strong lead run but spun on his chase run just as the rain started to lash down. Unfortunate as Nicks car is pretty damn quick in the dry and hes a solid driver!

The best battle of the top 32 was between Keenan Van Gool in the JZX100 and Sam Smith in the S14. It’s always awesome to watch 2 properly cool Japanese cars do close battle. This lasted quite a while until the rain started again and Sam had major issues getting off the line. But Keenan being the absolute gentleman he is waited as much as he possibly could in the run up to clip 1. Unfortunately in the one more time battle Sam ran too deep on his lead run and flew up the bank. Thankfully the car was all good.

With the rain coming i was down near the start line and noticed that Freddie in the black S15 was up next. I thought to myself.. “Freddie’s up next, He is going to entry at dry speeds in the wet. He’s going up the bank and i have no time to get in a position to get it..” Sure enough, Freddie enters at mad speeds and fly’s mega high up the bank, this time actually doing some damage to the car which took him out of the top 32.

Next up in the battles was Taylor vs Willy. Taylor not wanting to get out done by his hero Freddie decided to try and match Freddie’s impressive height up the bank. But his exhaust dug into the bank and stopped him getting any height. Naturally Taylor was quite disappointed by this..

After a quick check over the car, Taylor got back out and put in a fairly solid chase run but straightening up and costing him any advantage he had gained in the first half of his chase run. Willy would put in a clean chase and put Taylor out of the top 32

Ross Colquhoongan came up against Stuart Adsley. Stuart is no stranger to competition and its unfortunate that Ross came up against Stuart in the top 32. This being Ross’ first time in battle and being up against Stuart who would beat Ross and go on to take down some huge cars later in the day.

That’s not to say Ross was a pushover.. Stuart’s chase driving all day had been pretty spot on but Ross himself did have a clean chase run against Stuart.

Speaking of which, Stuart’s top 16 battle would be against none other than BDC driver Mark Gemmell in the insanely fast 350z. But unbelievably Stuart was all over Mark on his chase run. When you put into consideration how much difference in power and grip levels there are between these cars it was very impressive to see him door to door with Mark.

It was still a slightly wet track but when mark changed into the chase position and he couldn’t keep up with the little E36 of Stuart. A very impressive battle to watch and thoroughly deserved win for Stuart.

Arni Stenning came up against Willy Armstrong in the top 16 but, These guys hadn’t really had a proper battle yet.. Arni went up against Freddie in the top 32 who stuffed it up the bank in the practice run and knocked himself out. So Arni hadn’t had a proper battle yet. Willy then went up against Taylor who copied Freddie but managed to at least continue the battle. Willy had a bit more battle time with a few runs with Taylor but Arni had only done a solo run so far in the battle stages. Arni is a very strong driver though so it wouldn’t make much difference for him. Willy had been driving strong himself qualifying right in the middle of the top 32 in 16th, Arni despite putting in some awesome to watch faint entry’s in qualifying only managed to get himself into 28th.

Yet another one of these close battles, not much between the drivers from lead to chase. But Arni manage to clinch the victory and move onto the top 8.

I feel like a deciding factor from my view point was the area as you came off the first 2 clips which are for most cars, foot to the mat flat out. Right after clip 2 you then came  into the “Infield section” where you had to slow down a fair bit to make the corner. There was some battles where people were loosing ground in the chase position at this point but could gain it back transitioning back through the last 2-3 clips. It seemed like an area where people would be getting marked down lower for loosing that proximity in that small section of track. But i am not a judge! However such a significant gap being pulled in such a small section of track must have been a deciding factor in a few battles at least.

the 2nd BDC driver in the competition, Callum Marshall went up against Keenan Van Gool in the top 8. Keenan Had been driving the Chaser really well all day and the whole waiting up a bit for people so they could have close battles was awesome. I’m not so sure if that was intentionally on Keenan’s part but it didn’t seem like he was scared to chuck the car in hard and would rather wait a little to have a nice fair battle. Proper sportsmanship if that was the case!

Callum would put Keenan out of the top 16 but i reckon Keenan would have just been stoked to have had 2 really close battles. As his battle against Sam in the top 32 went one more time and so did his battle against Callum in the top 16

First battle of the top 4 would see Martin Bruce face of against Kev Kay. Martin used to drive an E36 touring the same colour as this Coupe but he wrote it off at SDC Round 2. However i feel like martin has a bit more pace in this car compared to the touring. Judging by the last few competitions I’ve seen him enter.

Kev is the aggressive driver he always is and it wasn’t going to be easy for Martin to win this. But with a strong chase run against Kev it came down to his lead run. Unbelievably Kev over rotated on transition from clip 4. I think in the 3 or so years I’ve seen Kev drive I’ve seen him spin maybe 4-5 times if that.

With that uncharacteristic move from Kev, Martin would move to the final and Kev would wait to see who he would face for 3rd place.

It was the time for Stuart to take on the 2nd and final BDC driver left in the competition. Hats off to Stuart, He put in some insane runs in every battle to this point and was against yet another big powerhouse of a car.

But like all of his battles so far he sat the car right on the door of everyone he came up against.

Switch around and just like his battle against Mark Gemmell, Yet again he pulled away in his lead run and went through to the finals.

Kev and Callum battled out for 3rd place and what a close battle it was.. Both drivers mirrored each others runs from what i could see but the judges had seen something that created an advantage and so a decision had been made.

Stuart battled Martin in the finals and yet again like every battle Stuart had led so far, he was pulling gap on his opponents. Martin is by no means a slow driver. The gap in the first run was more or less the same as the gaps Stuart was pulling on the 2 BDC drivers he had previously beaten.

Going into the second run and Stuart was just all over Martin. Sitting on his door the entire way through the run it really wasn’t hard to figure out who had won this battle..

In the battle for 3rd place Callum Marshall had managed to beat of Kev by as little as a 2 point scoring difference. He picked up a nice trophy made by Taylor Bloomfield.

Martin Bruce took 2nd place in the blue E36. Picking up the trophy made by the guys at Everly Garage.

Stuart nailed every single battle run on the day and took the more than deserved 1st place. It’s not so often you get people taking down 2 BDC drivers in a grassroots competition but when your driving as well as he was it’s no surprise that in the end he took the top spot. He also got a bad ass trophy made by Garage SR.

Not only did the guys at GarageFuckHouse put on the best event I’ve attend in terms of driving level and just general atmosphere, But the prizes on offer for these top 3 guys are just awesome. Custom making trophy’s from various car parts is a lot more interesting than your typical trophy’s.

Photos and words by Connor Mathieson


Scottish Drift Championship – Round 2

1st June 2017 — by Connor Mathieson


After missing the first round of the Scottish Drift Championship, I was quite eager to get back into it and look at the progress since last year. Once again I’m fairly shocked by the driver level this year.

Many people that competed in previous years are getting seriously consistent and with having so much practice days at Driftland to attend, their proximity in chase driving has gotten insanely good. This change in consistency showed through with there being not one single incident, Be that contact/crash or just someone running off track and getting stuck until the small pile up that occurred in the trains just before the top 4

So that’s an entire day of drifting being completely ahead of schedule and it comes down to that consistency. Even in practice, people are getting close to one another. In previous years, practice was where people would leave gaps to each other and essentially do solo runs. Now however its actually interesting to watch.

They have a new system for practice and qualifying as well now. I’m not entirely sure if they ran it like this at Round 1 as well, but it goes like this: Practice and qualifying is joint. There are 2 queues, The first queue is for practice. You line up with someone and either do a run with someone or you can go alone if you want. The second queue is for qualifying, So if after 3-4 practice runs you’re feeling confident, you can go attempt a qualifying run.

There are 2 groups for the Practice/Qualifying session, each having around an hour and a half. That’s basically an hour and a half to get some battle practice and complete your 2 Qualifying runs. It actually works out really well. It seems to run a lot smoother than a regular competition event that splits practice and qualifying into separate instances.

Qualifying was over really fast with this new system, not that it’s a bad thing. The day did seem to go fairly quick as a whole though.

Qualifying in First place was Mark Gemmell in the V8 350z. Mark being a BDC driver, it’s no surprise he was right up top.

Coming in for 2nd place would be Jack Symes, Yet another BDC driver although Jack hasn’t competed in quite a while But his V8 E30 still rips pretty hard!

3rd place was reserved for Kev Kay in the monstrous little M3 Compact.

There was a lot of high calibre Names in the top 10 for Qualifying as well as some more unknown names to competition. From Driftland Regulars to BDC and Driftcup drivers. There was a huge amount of talented drivers all over the qualifying bracket.

Straight into battles and it was clear to see that it was going to be quite an exciting event from a driving standpoint.
David Hunter who had only just got his Licence to compete in SDC in the morning, would be thrown into the deep end coming up against last years champion James Young. He put in a solid fight, but there is a reason James won last years competition. Strong, Close chase runs and a great lead run would see James advance to the top 16

Zenki vs Kouki, Illand vs MaCleod. Battle of the S14’s was here. Craig MaCleod in the blue Kouki was having nothing but issues all day with the car running really bad. He pushed it to its limits in Qualifying, straining every ounce of power to get just 1 run down and amazing managed to do just that.

Thankfully the car was running “properly” in the battle against Mark Illand and allowed him to really push the car. I think a slight lack in seat time on the day was plaguing Craig however. He chased a little scrappy but his lead run was solid. Hitting every clip really nicely, but having a lack of power in practice in the morning with the car having its gremlins just didn’t give Craig the seat time he needed for the day.

No doubt Craig will have been disappointed with himself and the car. But his solo runs had been great all day. Even with that lack of power he had earlier he was still hitting every single clip. Can’t wait to see him back out with the car running 100%!

Chris Shand in the mighty Altezza had a tough battle on his hands being pitted against 3rd place qualifier Kev. Shand had been having issues in Practice with what looked to be an excessive amount of grip. The little Beams engine could only do so much with the help of some big clutch kicks to keep the car in drift while in practice. As the practice went on and the tyres got more worn he did start to get a much more consistent slide going on.

Shand did everything he could to stick it on Kev’s door in his chase run and did a fine job at that. But Kev is a super aggressive driver when it comes to chasing, being known to be to aggressive at times and putting himself out of competitions in the past with his aggressive style. Kev like always was driving fantastic all day and with a great lead and a nice close chase run he would put shand out in the top 32.

Top 16 battles started with an exciting battle between James Young and Steven McConnell. Proximity and door rubbing is a simple way of explaining this battle. Both drivers chasing ridiculously close, So close the judges had to call a “One more time”.

In the one more time battle it was more or less a mirrored image from the first Battle. Both drivers doing that same lead and chase drive again. I certainly couldn’t tell who had won, The judges took their time and came to the conclusion that Steven had beaten last years champ and moved into the TOP 8.

From here on battles would become this game of consistency, Where one small mistake would cost you a battle.

Chrissy Nailen hot of his win over John Galasso in the huge 600bhp 2JZ JZX100 in the top 32 needed to pull out all the stops to beat Kev and he did try. However Kev’s chase run was just ridiculous. All over the back of Chrissy’s car from start to finish.

Stuart McLellan in the nitros powered barbie E36 took on none other than Angry Jack. Stuart’s car is the only car in the field that runs NOS and it has some serious pace. But Jack being an ex BDC competitor is no stranger to chasing down fast cars. Overall Jack has a good few years of battle practice over Stuart but that doesn’t mean Stuart let him win. Like most of these later battles i’m standing waiting to hear the “One more time” call as these battles are so close.

Like i had been anticipating, a one more time was called. Jack did eventually get the win here over a hard pushing Stuart McLellan and progressed towards the semi finals.

Kev met Mark Illand in the top 8, both drivers had been putting in some great chase runs all day. Kev for me had been easily the best chase driver overall but Mark stuck it right on Kev’s door in his chase run.

Turn these guys around and yet again kev sticks on his opponents door hard than they could do to him.

Naturally Kev got the win here but the man was on fire, it would take a lot for someone to get the better of him.

Into the semi finals and Jack Symes was taking on Steven McConnell. Steven had been doing this very interesting dive on the transition to clip 2 against everyone he had faced so far. This dive was allowing him to get right on top of his competitor coming through the long left harder. Yet again Steven made this huge dive on Jack and stuck to his door through the entire remainder of the section. Jack would then have to do the same thing in order to even gain a one more time.

Amazingly Jack pretty much mirrored Stevens run and by what could only have been the smallest of margins, managed to put himself into the final. Steven would then have to fight for 3rd.

The second battle of the semi finals would see Kev Kay face against Ross Ogilvie. Both of these drivers are regulars to the track and both of which are no stranger to some competition. Ross’ previous battle to get him into the semi finals saw him take down Mark Gemmell in the v8 350z, a real David vs Goliath fight.

A re occurring theme of having no idea who was going to win a battle was something that really set the tone of the day. Every battle was fiercely contested to the bitter end. Yet again though, Kev’s chase run was unreal, Slinging him right into the finals.

Ross Ogilvie and Steven McConnell were to duke for 3rd place honours. This would be yet another battle to head into a one more time with the first pass being too close to call.

In the second battle Ross managed to pull a gap big enough on Steven to edge out an advantage in the first run. Ross would then stick it on the door of Steven and for the frist time in a while, I was clearly able to see an advantage in a battle.

Just like that we had made it to the final. Jack Symes taking on Kev Kay, Jack had been having an overheating issue all day with his car and actually took a five minute rule in order to let his car cool down before he fought for the win.

In the first pass Kev like always put in a great chase run sitting right next to jack through the entire course. Jack would have to it all to do in the next run.

Run number 2, and boy did Jack stick it to Kev. Coming through the infield section Jack dives onto Kev’s door display exactly what Kev had been doing to everyone else on the day. Two pretty amazing back to back runs with no clear winner. Amazingly however, the judges had came to a decision.

Steven McConnell just missed out on 3rd place but picked up a well deserved hard charger trophy.

Ross Ogilvie got himself a well deserved 3rd place trophy.

Jack Symes fought the V8 E30’s overheating issues all day but pushed on and grabbed the 2nd place Trophy.

Kev Key Fought insanely hard all day providing the best chase runs i’ve seen. From practice to the final sticking his car on everyone’s door and getting that glorious 1st place trophy.

So just like that, the day was over. The single smoothest drift competition i have witnessed. Not one hiccup all day and being ahead of schedule.

The Scottish Drift Championship is now in it’s second year and the driving level is getting out of hand. To have such competitive close runs in practice alone is awesome to witness.

Round 3 heads to Golspie and what a venue that will be!

Photos and words by Connor Mathieson