Auf Wiedersehen Hoshiko

14th March 2017 — by Dan Fegent


Clean, spotless, stunning, & all other words of this ilk are what comes to mind when describing Russell’s 1998 JDM import Subaru Legacy GTB. A Subaru Legacy is a pretty rare car these days on the UK roads & therefore this ‘stanced’ take on the Japanese estate behemoth stands out even more. Named ‘HOSHIKO’, ‘HOSH’ has been a pride & joy of Russell’s since 2008 & it shows. The idea behind the build has never been to stand out in the crowd, but he has managed to do that simply thanks to the attention to detail & subtlety of this project.

Now I don’t want to put a downer on this write up early on, but Russell was going to break it down for parts. The story hasn’t ended as sad as that, but as it is the car has now made the trip to Germany to be with its new owner. Highly unlikely we’ll see the likes of this at UK shows in the future. As Russell said to me “Seeing it leave the country and knowing I won’t see it at the local super market car park was the only way I could part ways with it.” I think any car enthusiast whose put time & effort into a unique build will understand that frame of mind.

So the car has gone, but Russell still kept hold of those stunning one off custom ‘WORKS’ alloys, the most impressive feature in my mind of this build. The wheels themselves really make the car standout. They are WORK Emotion XD9 with custom flip cadbury purple with diamond cut lips. Sizes are 18 x 10 et38 fitted with stretched Falken 452’s 215-40-18 (by our friends at Ruislip Tyres no doubt).

Custom STi 4Pot brake upgrade & zinc dipped multi grooved Performance disc’s & pads sit behind the stunning ‘WORKS’ wheels running -4 degrees of negative camber. All this is framed perfectly by the lowered stance provided by the BC Racing “BR”  “Extreme Low” 30 point adjustable damping height & camber top mount coilovers.

This car is no slouch in the corners and thanks to amazing support over the years from Whiteline it has an extremely solid feel to it, a very impressive car in the twisty’s despite its size.

The interior has also seen a lot of custom work in Russell’s ownership. A deep dish alcantara steering wheel mated to a works bell boss and Richbrook white ally gear-nob provide the control needed. Cloth interior was also soon removed & retrimmed with an old school pleated leather in the front and two custom cobra mini buckets and framework fitted to the rear.

The work he has put into the cars overall appearance is outstanding over the years, subtle modifications which bring it all together & give you the result shown. From colour coding bumpers, rolling & flaring the arches and even the cleaning up of the headlamps and the addition of HIDs all come together for the end result.

Its not all aesthetic as the 2ltr 280bhp boxer engine has been allowed to breath thanks to the Apexi Power Intake & lets everyone know its coming thanks to the stainless steel Kakimoto rear box & decat section. To sum it up, the license plate surround says it best & is a worthy nod to the USA based car movement, this Legacy is ‘Simply Clean’.


Tripped Out: Latvia – Drifting in a Soviet Missile Base

9th December 2016 — by Dan Fegent

I realize we may be a bit late to the party on this one (500K views & climbing fast!). You NEED to check this out if you haven’t already. Crank up the volume & enjoy!

Donut Media have absolutely killed it with their newly released video of Ryan Tuerck, Matt PowersKristaps Blušs tearing up an old Soviet Missile Base!!! One of the best drift focused videos of this year. Incredible footage!



30th August 2016 — by Dan Fegent

Fueltopia has been a journey and for some of it’s die-hard, early members, it’s also been an unchartered voyage into motorsport. Luke Woodham has been part of the family since our junior years and his journey has been exceptional.
His rise from street-racer to double European Gymkhana title holder has been an exciting story.
14188427_10154330479927527_368508451140036623_o (1)
While we’ve all grown over the past years, last weekend felt as if one of our friends was truly ‘made’ as Luke took part in the British Rallycross Weekend at Lydden Hill in the Suzuki Swift Championship.
We’re certainly no stranger to paddock life, but this weekend offered us a different experience – the nervous, excited, energy brought everything to life, with a slightly more Technicolor experience. We know that Luke has some skills, his titles and accomplishments speak for themselves, but this was the real deal. Easily branded as the Barrel Sprint guy, he’d now be lining up against drivers who’d almost have been conceived at the track and have years of experience in the swooping asphalt and dirt loops of the Lydden Hill circuit. It was time to show that despite not coming from that ‘traditional’ motorsport background of karting to cars, he wasn’t going to be held back.
Being part of the supporting team, we soaked up the vibes of the paddock and relished in the new environment for our pal. Although his weekend wasn’t plain sailing, the car breaking a camshaft, the rush and run-about to fix the engine, only added to the day – while it wasn’t the perfect scenario and podium anyone could wish for, finishing 5th in the semi-final with the, just-about-made-it fix, was more than awesome.
14188698_10154330479177527_3929934235872592556_o (1)
With the first round under his belt, we now can’t wait to see how he gets on at the remaining two rounds of the British Championship.  Don’t forget to follow Luke Woodham on Facebook if you want to support his campaign into Rallycross or trying to retain the Gymkhana title at Gymkhana GRiD
Words: James GIlbert
Pictures: Mike Newland


Drift AllStars Rnd1 – Middle East

1st June 2016 — by Dan Fegent


Drifting can take you to some amazing places and there is no place more awe-inspiring than under the floodlights of the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.

The F1 circuit is iconic, it might not be steeped in years of motorsport ghosts and tales of yesterday, but none the less it’s one that has a certain charm and distinguished look and feel. So, when we heard that the first round of Drift Allstars had tee’d up the venue as the start of it’s World Championship we had to make sure we got along to capture the action.

In a field of over 30 drivers made up from international & locals, names that would jump out on the entry sheet where, Ireland’s Nigel Colfer, Norway’s Fredrik Øksnevad and UK’s Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni, the UAE team of Lunatics By Nature ( Sultan Al Qassimi, Khalifa Sultan & Dany Neville), Kuwait’s Ali Makhseed and Jordan’s Ahmad Daham.

As the golden haze of natural sunlight faded, the floodlit track formed the battle ground and those who’d headed out were in for a treat! It was UK’s Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni that took the number 1 qualifier position as he and his newly LS powered S13 took to the fast paced circuit with ease, with the first place qualifier also coming in with a direct buy into the great 8 and facing his first battle against the impressive Ali Makhseed.

However, It was local driver, Sultan Al Qassimi that looked to be on point in his distinguished looking Nissan S14, however it was an incredibly tight battle with Fredrik Øksnevad that ended his campaign to move on any further into the competition. Fredrik pitched an onslaught in his Tri-Ace V8 Soarer, but when he met Baggsy in the Semi Finals he just couldn’t match that of the UK wheelman.

Real drama on the black-top came from Nigel Colfer and Ahmad Daham – the two drivers ran incredibly hard, they had contact as they pushed on each other through their battles and the judges struggled to make a decision calling One More Time (OMT) twice. However, it was the crowd’s favourite, Daham, in his 900hp Nissan S15 that would nudge the win over Colfer and progress to take on Baggsy in the final.

The final also didn’t come without drama for Daham. Calling a five minute rule, the team scrabbled about to make some adjustments to his car before facing the Monster Energy S13 of Biagioni. Making the line and the start Baggsy kept a fast clean line and pulled a huge leading gap on Daham and a massive advantage into the chase run. Daham’s car maybe still with issues was no match this weekend and the chase run was a formality passing the podium to the UK diver. Nigel Colfer would join them on the top spot in third place and the closing ceremony of the first round of Drift Allstars. We’re looking forward to round two and seeing who will bring the heat