Smoking Hot – The Rothmans Porsche 962C

1st March 2019 — by Dave Cox


What is your favourite category of racecar? Think about it for a minute, it is harder to answer than you might imagine.

For me, it has to be Group C racecars. Why, might you ask? Well let me explain. To me they are the “turned up to 11” versions of Formula 1 cars. You see, I am huge fan of F1, I almost religiously watch qualifying and racing every weekend it is on. I have done so since I was a child. I love the noise (or rather used to love the noise), the speed and constant battles. But in terms of racecars, they seem a little fragile. Sure they can corner at insanse speeds and would align all of my organs with me epidermis. However, I can’t help but feel that if a driver sneezed too hard in one of them, all of the wheels would simultaneously pop off.

Enter Group C. The cake slice shaped behemoths are every bit as trick as an F1 car but with added more. And by more, I really mean more! Whilst an F1 car from the ’80s would go balls to the wall around a circuit for 2 hours before finishing and, as a result, melt. Group C Le Mans cars go for a colossal 24 hours – NON STOP!They were lightweight, fast, powerful, aerodynamic and utterly sublime. I had the opportunity to shoot the fabulous 1987 Porsche 962C with the Rothmans livery. I think you will agree with me here when I say, it is smoking hot!

I love the livery, I love the turbo fans, I love the shrouded rear wheels, I love the driving position but most importantly, I love that this car was not only built to race, it was built to last. I feel honored that the kind folks at Duncan Hamilton Rofgo opened the doors to me and let me shoot this marvelous machine. I hope you enjoyed it.

Oh and if you want to see a speed edit of me editing the front 3/4 shot, then check the video below.

Words and Pictures: ShootingDave
Instagram: @ShootingDave



30th January 2019 — by Dave Cox


Well, it has been a minute. How’s everyone doing?

Back in December of 2018 I had one free evening in LA whilst my work trip was coming to a close. Using skills that are normally confined to tinder (or grinder if that is your thing) I persuaded Mike, of Stanceworks fame, to let me come down to the shop and light paint his ’31 Ford Model A. I’d spotted this plastered all over instagram after being unveiled at SEMA. I had also followed along with the build process on youtube. Either way I knew I had to see it, so when Mike allowed me, I immediately jumped in the car and made my way down to Costa Mesa.

Mate, I was excited! Light painting is one of my favourite methods of photographing cars and the sheet metal on the Model A wore the light so well.

If you’re interested, I made a video of how I photographed the car as well as editing it. Also, there is some nice engine noise in the video too.

Words & Pictures: Dave Cox (ShootingDave)



24th September 2018 — by Dave Cox


It has been a minute since I last posted a NIGHT SESSIONS blog post but this should make up for it.


I give you, Forrest Wang’s S14.5 fresh from tearing it up around the streets of Liverpool after RedBull Drift Shifters!

Due to family commitments, I couldn’t make the Drift Shifters event, as much as I would have loved to have gone. However I knew that they car must still be in the UK. A late night facebook asking around followed up with a private message from Julian from Garage-D confirmed my suspicions. Alright then, all that is left to do is find a time, which is a little easier said than done.

Julian is a rather busy man and trying to find time between his trip to Gatebil Mantorp and returning Forrest’s car to the Irish Drift Championship. So that ruled out weekends then! Damn. Monday night after our Ace Cafe Offline Meet seemed like a good idea. (If you don’t know when these happen, check out our facebook page).

After a spirited jaunt up the M1 with my partner in crime, Paps, we arrived at Garage-D. Take my word, if you have not been there, picture a JDM Aladin’s cave! One day we will show you properly.

For now though, enjoy the video below:

Words & Pictures: Dave Cox (SHOOTINGDAVE)
Instagram: @ShootingDave


Light Painting a McLaren 720s

19th September 2018 — by Dave Cox


Now this might be a slightly different change in pace from us a Fueltopia.

We tend to give you features, news and event coverage however, I thought I would go a different path her. I am going to show you what goes into creating a light painted photograph. If you’re not interested in the technical side of photography, then at least there is a pretty picture at the beginning to look at. If you are interested, then read on!


For me light painting is one of my favourite aspects of photography. It is pure creativity as well as challenging all of your technical skills. Essentially it is walking down the side of a car with a bright light whilst your camera is on a tripod. A long shutter speed records the light and then you get those long reflections on the car. You would struggle doing this with strobes.

Once I am happy with one side of the car, I will move on to the next, making my way around the car until I have enough to complete the image. I will then take these images into photoshop and merge them together to create a light painted image. The video below, shows how this process works.

Words & Pictures: Dave Cox (ShootingDave)
Instagram: @ShootingDave


Gatebil is…

17th July 2018 — by Dave Cox


For me Gatebil Rudskogen is still the greatest event that I attend. Ask anyone else and they will tell you that it is getting tamer, ask any journalist that has been more than once and they will echo those thoughts.

I am here to argue against their inaccurate thoughts.

Gatebil will always be my highlight of the year. Other events have a long way to go before they can compete.

The reason why people might say it is declining is the very reason why the event itself is so hard to beat. Confused? Good, let me explain.

Nothing prepares you for your first experience of the Gatebil festival. It is sensory overload. It is exhausting. It is massive and it never stops!

From the minute you get there to the time you leave you will assaulted with tyre smoke, ear splitting engines, thumping EDM, blazing heat, a sun that never sets and track action that starts before you even wake up! This goes on for four days!!!

I haven’t even mentioned the cars yet. Sponsored teams and drivers turn up with their flashy paddock setups and their brutally powerful and well style cars. The public turn up with their bat shit crazy Frankenstein cars.

A walk through the paddock will leave your head spinning, you may even require a trip to the hospital with all that neck snapping!

People, teams, fans, media, staff, EVERYONE is friendly and down for a good time.

And that, all of the above is the reason why people say it is declining. Experience all of that and our perverted need for that next high will expect more from next time?

What? What more do you need? Tell me, how can it get any better? No seriously, I wanna know! What specifically didn’t you enjoy? You wanted more? What then?

Gatebil doesn’t need to get any better, it already is better than pretty much everything else. Go back to enjoying for what it is, trust me, you’ll enjoy it more.

Now for those of you how don’t know what Gatebil is, rather than trying to explain it. I’ve made a video showing you instead. You see I’ve covered this event for 4 years and I have failed to convey what it is every time. So watch this and hopefully you’ll have a better idea.

Words & Pictures: Dave Cox (ShootingDave)
Instagram: @ShootingDave