Bagged Bull

1st December 2017 — by Dave Cox



Bagged Bull

1st December 2017 — by Dave Cox

Ben Walker’s bagged bull.

Add power, attitude and heavily caffeinated graphics to a Scirocco and what you get is a pretty cool VW.

I had spotted Ben’s Scirocco on instagram on the way to work one day. Thumbing through the social network platform, it’s bold graphics and low stance easily grabbed my attention. I fired off a message to arrange a shoot and a couple of weeks later, I was on the way to Nottingham.

I’ll be honest, during the run up to the shoot I was wondering whether I actually wanted to make the 300 mile round trip to shoot another bagged VW. I can honestly say, I am glad I stuck with it.

I met Ben in an underground car park under his flat in the city centre. What I wasn’t expecting to find was the fact that this car park could be plunged into darkness! Did someone say light painting?

I relish any opportunity to get the lights out and create some striking imagery of cars. As I was doing so it was pretty evident that this car looked even better than it had done on instagram. The wrap had been designed by Ben himself along with the help of his Dad.

Impressive given the quality of the wrap job and that Ben had never done this before. But it was the classic father, son story that made me smile. I like the idea of figuring out how to do something on your drive with your Dad.

His Dad actually drove me whilst we did the rolling shots and was nice to hear his perspective on the car too. Clearly he was a petrol head and “just likes working on cars with his son”. The two of them occasionally go on spirited drives together and often have mini drag races between lights. LADS.


Back to the car, the wrap gives it a Rally car sort of vibe that I really like. With it’s low altitude and big wheels, you could almost imagine this to be set up for tarmac in the WRC. Those wheels in question are forged Rotiform IND’s measuring at 19inches all around.

The Scirocco has pretty aggressive lines already but nothing spices up the exterior charm of dropping it towards the ground. Thankfully AirLift Performance are on hand with the 3P System and performance struts to handle the tricky inner city roads. Put it this way, Nottingham ain’t flat.

Power wise, there have been a few little additions liberate a few more German ponies from the engine. Starting from the rear there is a Milltek turbo-back decat exhaust adding a slightly more aggressive noise when flooring it. Something that I was pretty impressed with. The exhaust seemed perfectly liveable with no droning at all.

A Racingline Performance air intake helps feed the turbo whilst the Forge Motorsport intercooler helps intake temps stay down. APR Stage 2+ map brings the final number to 370bhp. An utterly hilarious number given that this is a front wheel drive car. Through town, the 9.5inch front tyres were easily overpowered.

It’s not all show and go, Ben has also upgraded the brakes with VW Racing big brakes and kept the car compliant in the corners with Racingline Performance anti roll bars and brace bars. All in all it is a pretty well sorted little car. I would have loved to have had a go. A small car with such power numbers would be a riot and definitely a handful.

Words & Pictures: Dave Cox (ShootingDave)
Instagram: @ShootingDave

Dave Cox