Brannigan101 brings out his Baby Yakusa Datsun Pick up

25th September 2018 — by JimmyDrama1


Big power isn’t always needed to make a car impressive. Take this 1400 Datsun Sunny pick up for example.

Scene setting, I’m down in South Africa and I’ve managed to wangle a free morning to look for some impressive metal to shoot. After a quick visit to a supercar meet outside of Jo-burg I managed to hook up with a good friend (Darren from Speed & Sound Magazine) who told me about this great little ute – a few calls were made and the meet was on…

The Baby Yakusa is raw, home-built, but perfect in its creation. Built by @Brannigan101 everything around this pick up has a story and the attention to detail is unreal. It also helped me pop my cherry as I buzzed around the car, looking for angles and trying to capture the simplistic beauty of this JDM inspired Datsun – all while taking in the city-scape back drop of down town Johannesburg.

I love cars, always have. I’ve been lucky enough to make them my job as well as my hobby. But, one thing it’s given me is friends around the World. It’s that great common denominator that brings petrolheads together and the mutual respect of builds and hours of wrench time

I’ll hopefully be back on here soon – checking out more home-brew cars that are born from beers and backyard antics than multi-million pound R&D styling houses.




24th September 2018 — by Dave Cox


It has been a minute since I last posted a NIGHT SESSIONS blog post but this should make up for it.


I give you, Forrest Wang’s S14.5 fresh from tearing it up around the streets of Liverpool after RedBull Drift Shifters!

Due to family commitments, I couldn’t make the Drift Shifters event, as much as I would have loved to have gone. However I knew that they car must still be in the UK. A late night facebook asking around followed up with a private message from Julian from Garage-D confirmed my suspicions. Alright then, all that is left to do is find a time, which is a little easier said than done.

Julian is a rather busy man and trying to find time between his trip to Gatebil Mantorp and returning Forrest’s car to the Irish Drift Championship. So that ruled out weekends then! Damn. Monday night after our Ace Cafe Offline Meet seemed like a good idea. (If you don’t know when these happen, check out our facebook page).

After a spirited jaunt up the M1 with my partner in crime, Paps, we arrived at Garage-D. Take my word, if you have not been there, picture a JDM Aladin’s cave! One day we will show you properly.

For now though, enjoy the video below:

Words & Pictures: Dave Cox (SHOOTINGDAVE)
Instagram: @ShootingDave


Hyundai’s i30N – the wild child

21st September 2018 — by Mark Turner


Hyundai’s i30N – Hyundai have quite the Motorsport pedigree, particularly in rallying. They’ve made some pretty tasty toad cars too, remember the Hyundai Coupe? This is one of the latest fast Hyundai’s, the i30N. It’s a 2.0 litre T-GDi turbocharged 247bhp, popping, banging, hard edged hot hatch.
This is a serious car, in race mode it is a single minded weapon, very capable, yet in normal mode it’s a pussycat. It’ll take you to Waitrose to do the weekly shop, put a smile on your face on the daily commute or let you thrash it around any race track you want, all day long.

Hyundai's i30N

If I said it’s an exhilarating drive it would be an understatement. Hyundai have gone to town with multi-link rear suspension, electronic differential, extra strengthening of the chassis and electronically adjustable suspension. That means at the press of a button it transforms from a fast but subtle hatch in to a serious tool for going fast. The change is dramatic, very firm suspension and man it sticks to the road. It’s a superb drivers car. One of our all time favourites. Where a focus ST would be spinning wheels and understeering, this i30N is manic, single minded, and very very good.

The car has a high level of standard equipment with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, Qi wireless charging and several USB charging ports. There’s a 5-inch centre infotainment screen with sat nav and a host of safety features as you would expect on a modern car; from high beam assist, to lane-keep assist, collision and driver attention warnings, plus camera-assisted speed limit warning and more.
The interior is very cool. Solid, well built with quality materials and supportive bucket seats. Choose your drive mode with the button beside the ‘N’ steering wheel; Normal, Eco, Sport modes, and enjoy. You could always opt for race mode if you really want to have fun.

Hyundai's i30N

In race mode the Hyundai’s i30N is pretty extreme and I don’t think I could live with it every day. Good job you don’t have to. In normal or comfort mode it really is a pussycat and a real pleasure to drive. This car feels like an extension of you. There’s good visibility, it’s practical and not bad on fuel if you take it easy. You don’t attract too much attention, just the right amount, and where brand image may have been an issue a few years ago, you don’t need to worry now, you’ll get admiring looks wherever you go in the i30N.
The gearbox is 6 speed manual only and is a work of art. Close ratios, strong, direct and smooth.
When I drive fast I usually heel and toe anyway and in the Hyundai’s i30N was perfect for it. There’s a lovely crisp throttle response and a revvy engine and In race mode it rev matches for you so me need to heel and toe.

The Ford Focus ST is the go to in this sector but doesn’t come close to the i30N as a drivers car.
With the electronic suspension and drivers modes you really can have your cake and eat it. Soften it up for the daily commute and at the press of a button, it’s popping and banging when you lift off and acting like a track car on the road. It’s fantastic to drive. This is the 250ps version but there is an even wilder version; the i30N performance, with 275ps and even more toys.

Hyundai's i30N

Awesome Chassis
Brilliant manual gearbox

Too conservatively styled?
Can’t help myself misbehave
People still buy Focus ST’s!!

Car – Hyundai i30N 250
Price – From £25,760
MPG – 39.8 mpg
0-62 – 6.4s
Power – 247 bhp – 353 Nm torque
Top Speed – 155 mph

Hyundai's i30N


Light Painting a McLaren 720s

19th September 2018 — by Dave Cox


Now this might be a slightly different change in pace from us a Fueltopia.

We tend to give you features, news and event coverage however, I thought I would go a different path her. I am going to show you what goes into creating a light painted photograph. If you’re not interested in the technical side of photography, then at least there is a pretty picture at the beginning to look at. If you are interested, then read on!


For me light painting is one of my favourite aspects of photography. It is pure creativity as well as challenging all of your technical skills. Essentially it is walking down the side of a car with a bright light whilst your camera is on a tripod. A long shutter speed records the light and then you get those long reflections on the car. You would struggle doing this with strobes.

Once I am happy with one side of the car, I will move on to the next, making my way around the car until I have enough to complete the image. I will then take these images into photoshop and merge them together to create a light painted image. The video below, shows how this process works.

Words & Pictures: Dave Cox (ShootingDave)
Instagram: @ShootingDave