The Straight Flush.

24th January 2018 — by Mark Turner


This is a love story about a boy called Mitch Schouteden and his drop dead gorgeous, 1987 Audi 100 C3.Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

This story starts with a chance meeting at Edition38 (E38). I’ve been lucky enough to attend the last few years and it never fails to entertain and inspire us, and the thousands of people who attend.
If you haven’t been, it’s one of Europe’s biggest VW shows, with something for all tastes. Superb organisation and entertainment make it one of the must do event for your calendar.

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

This particular year, nestling amongst the cars in the show arena was a exquisite, bright red, 1987 Audi 100, slammed on air, sitting on Porsche 928 rims.
We’re big old school fans and were completely blown away by the attention to detail on this Audi 100. Unusual because it was a C3 and not an earlier C1 or C2 but this is where the scene is going now with more and more late ’80’s/early ’90’s metal catching people’s eye.

The owner is a cool cat called Mitch Schouteden who lives in Belgium.
Mitch came to own the Audi through his Grandpa. He gave Mitch the car when he was 18, but i doubt his grandad had any idea what Mitch had in store for his beloved Audi.

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Mitch is an old school fan like us, he says old cars have history, a story. He’s also very handy with a spanner and carried out the majority of the work in this build with his own hands.

Where do we start?  The bodywork is absolutely flawless and finished in original VAG Tornado-Red, with the bumpers being painted a contrasting black. I doubt this Audi was as clean and straight as this when it came out of the factory, it is faultless, impeccable, exquisite.

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Mitch’s interior is something to behold. I mean it’s jaw dropping, stunning, breathtaking. The interior is one of the few jobs Mitch didn’t carry out himself, entrusting it to his friend at Concept Leather.
The standard of the interior work is spectacular and is one of the defining features of the car.
The floor is bathed in Porsche carpets and acres of cream leather and alcantara are contrasted by Burberry cloth on the sumptuous seats, door cards and pretty much every nook and cranny in the interior. Any plastic interior parts have been refurbished and painted the exact same colour as the rich cream leather.
Every inch of the boot is upholstered in the same gorgeous cream leather and Burberry cloth as the interior, and the leather boot floor has ‘1987’ embroidered in it, the year of manufacture for this elegant Audi, a nice touch.

The attention to detail is staggering, for example, under the wooden Nardi steering wheel, in front of the driver’s knees, is a small shelf. It’s out of the way, you can hardly see it. Mitch has fully upholstered the shelf in cream leather with Burberry cloth inlaid. They have even gone to the trouble of making leather covers for the drivers pedals with ‘100’ embroidered on them……spectacular attention to detail.

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Talking of the boot, there’s a full airride kit in there, polished 20 litre tank and chromed compressors with 10mm custom formed copper pipes. The install is all Mitch’s work and It’s a beautiful install.

To make the airride work effectively, Mitch has had to notch the chassis at the front to create clearance for the ball joints, then modify the rear axle to ensure there’s no body contact when the Audi is dragging it’s belly in the weeds.
Subframes and anti roll bars have all been refurbished and powder coated semi gloss black. Yep, that’s right, hours and hours of work under the car where no one will see it. That’s dedication, that’s serious attention to detail. That’s the kind of attention to detail that makes this car so special.

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Enough for you? Had your fill? We haven’t finished yet. “Pop the hood” and you’ll be met with a fully polished 1.8L engine, head to toe…..well, sump, and everything in between. Literally the whole engine has been chromed. The rocker cover, block, sump, radiator cowl, cam belt cover, alternator, everything. It’s mind blowing, breathtaking.
Only the plastic parts haven’t been chromed for obvious reasons. The rest of the ‘bay has been fully refurbished to better than new condition and painted in the same deep tornado red as the body. The chroming has all been taken care of by K-Tech in Hagen (DE).

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Mitch’s Audi rolls hard on highly polished 16” Porsche 928 S4 ‘winter’ rims, 7J ET 65 up front and 16” 8J ET 58 out back with 25mm spacers. Custom adapters were made to take the 5×130 Porsche PCD to VW’s 4×108.

What Mitch has built is a straight flush in the world of car poker, a winning hand, the best of the best. I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of Mitch’s Audi 100 in the future, it’s really is a beautiful car.

Photo credit goes to Oliver Verhey and Mike Crawat for the awesome photos

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3.

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3

Mitch Schouteden 1987 Audi 100 C3


Autosport 2018

21st January 2018 — by Dan Fegent


Once again it was time for us to descend on to the Birmingham NEC for the Autosport Show.

I missed last years event due to other obligations & I personally think the break made this one even better for me. It felt fresh & it was great to see how the venue & the scene as a whole had progressed.

There has been some great improvements in the halls themselves at the NEC. Whereas before they were bathed in a horrendous orange light, there was now LEDs brightening up the place which alongside the varied colour floor carpets helped make a huge difference to the feel of the event.

For me Autosport is about catching up with everyone & finding out whats planned for the year ahead. On a trade stand point, most big deals are already done by this point but its still the perfect place to gather interest & hopefully support for whatever you have planned motorsport wise for the year ahead.

I did go on one of trade days but I couldn’t help feel that it was relatively quiet. There was a good amount of footfall but it really didn’t feel a nuisance to get around & you weren’t fighting for space when checking out all the stands.

The event itself was split across the usual three halls, two for the main show & one dedicated during the trade days as the engineering hall. There was more than enough to look at as everything was back to back throughout.

After the deals are made, the people met with & the handshakes done, its really just all about the cars…
It was all about the cars to begin with anyway right?

Personal highlight for me would have to be the brand new Porsche 911 GT2 RS which was positively dripping in Carbon fibre.

As for race cars there was a healthy amount of WRC cars added to the mix, which looked as impressive as ever among the ranks of GT & Time Attack builds.

Liberty Walk who were placed in a corner of one of the halls had an impressive stand showcasing a good selection of their kits on some wild builds.

Several independent tuning part specialists were showcasing builds of their own through out the halls including this rather spectacular ‘in progress’ Audi R8

As always Autosport showcased a broad spectrum of UK motorsport & tuning, it was a pleasure as always to be among it. This event signals the start of the 2018 calendar & it’s looking like another exciting year ahead.






Double Skylining like a boss, what would you choose?

17th January 2018 — by Dan Stirzaker


The Nissan Skyline, one of the most iconic `Japanese cars in the wild, seeing one on the road is rare, but when you get two come along, it’s a fully double-skyline moment

These likely pair had me frothing at the mechanical glands and it was almost as surreal as dating twins, while to the untrained eye they look the same, thanks to the paint and colour wheel choice, if you look deeper the subtle differences give them there own unique characters and I like that.

The older of the two, R32, has been gifted with the GTR front bumper, sides and rear spats. While at the time of this shoot the engine wasn’t too tuned, the owner made noises of making some serious power 4-500hp from the RB25 engine that lays beneath the hood. Punchy and useable power for the R32 chassis and perfect for those fast road jaunts on weekends

Who hearts fake rims – nobody. Volks squat under the arches in true JDM fashion and a big wink to the R32’s Nissan heritage

Now bring on the R33 – maybe a controversial model of Skyline. Some love it, others hate it. Known as being plumper then it’s earlier models it take some special kinda of loving, or at least that’s what the NAY sayers would lead you to believe. However, here at Fueltopia, we don’t mind some shapely curves, combined with JDM greatness we found ourselves ready for a party.

Rather than keeping it JDM, Cosmic Wheels allow this Wangan machine to lay down it’s power to the asphalt and we’ve got to think the owner brought some goodness with them in bronze on this 33. A few key mods also make us like this perticular model even more, the smoothed boot might be a thing of 90’s styling, but on this car really sets off the clean look from the back of the car. Deleting the spoiler also gives the car a clean side profile and accentuates the cars lines in a positive way.

While both the cars don’t have a major spec list for me to talk about and throw in numbers that would wear away my ‘0’ key, it’s more about shooting them and looking how these Japanese cars still have petrolheads looking at them in awe today some 25 years after they first hit the roads.

Being a photographer who loves cars is brilliant, being a photographer who loves Skylines is even better


Follow more of my journey Instagram @dan_stirzaker

Owners- R32 @michalsoltisik     R33 @lewiswhite1990



Lexus GSF – A wolf in wolfs clothing

15th January 2018 — by Mark Turner


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, some days are better than others.
This day i got to smoke about in a Lexus GSF was a particularly good day.

Lexus GS-F

In a world that is becoming increasingly sanitised and restrictive, the Lexus GSF is one of a handful of rebellious cars sticking two fingers up at the fun police.

It’s not some tarted up pretender, this is a real, seasoned contender. Parked, quietly poised, it looked lean, fit and ready for action. The GSF is like that young guy you met once, wearing a really expensive suit and looking like a male model, ripped and handsome, good at everything.
You want to hate him but you can’t help admiring him.

I agree, the exterior is a little subjective, I get that. What it isn’t is a familiar, sensible old gentleman’s express, instead, Lexus opted for the new school, well dressed, head turning approach. It’s built for a purpose and makes no apologies for being that ambitious, good looking and aspirational.

Lexus GS-F

Opening the driver’s door, you are greeted with the coolest of interiors. It reeks of class with quality materials and driver focused ergonomics.
when you compare sitting inside an AMG Mercedes, you can’t help thinking that Mercedes are trying really hard to be, what they think its customer base wants them to be. This Lexus is what it is. The Lexus GSF feels entirely complete. Slide into the beautiful, sculpted, leather bucket seats and you feel like an integral part of the car, immediately at home and comfortable. It’s like it’s been made just for you.

Lexus GS-F

The Lexus in my opinion is near perfect. It has what it needs and it feels like it will last forever. I felt immediately at home, with controls and they were easy to figure out and use. Compare this to my last outing in a modern M-series BMW with its million different settings for gearbox, suspension, steering, and god knows what else – I’d need to have a NASA degree to even get to the shops.

Lexus GS-F

So I’ve sold you the dream and we’ve established it looks good inside and out, but that’s just the starting point of what makes this car lit AF. Fire the GSF up and you almost feel guilty as the noise is so magnificent, it’s criminal.
Powered by a 5L petrol V8 that produces 477 DIN hp at 7100rpm and 530 Nm of torque that’s enough to give my nan a 30 second face lift as I plant the good foot off the lights.
There’s a flappy paddle gearbox and I’m not a fan of flappy paddles. However, this one almost has me coming out the closet of flappyness. Changes were fast, fuss free and precise but it still feels mechanical and direct.
Acceleration is relentless – I know i’ve mentioned it, but it’s that good I’m going to say it twice.
It’s an assault on your senses, addictive as any vice, i’d say this is mechanical crack. Chucking it around some B-roads nothing unsettles it, not once did I feel threatened or scared, like a giant amongst men, you feel invincible, a total B-road slayer, the McGregor of the automotive highway.
Laying off the loud pedal, taking it steady for a few miles allowed me to catch my breath, but it wasn’t long till the hunt for clear road starting niggling away at your soul and making that glorious 32 valve V8 shout again.

Lexus GS-F

Let’s not forget that this supercar level of performance is wrapped up in a 4 door family car. A family car that can get to 100kph in 4.6 seconds and see an official top speed of just shy of 170 mph. That’s mental

Closing case on why this car should be on your driveway

It’s looks great, it’s a V8, it goes like race car on the road and can turn it’s hand to anything. I could do the school run in the morning, drive over to Silverstone and slay all on a track day, pop to a supermarket, throw my suit on and visit a customer on the way back to pick the kids up from School. Magnificent. Thanks Lexus.

Lexus GS-F

Lexus GS-F

Lexus GS-F

Lexus GS-F


our year in pictures, 2017 we salute you

29th December 2017 — by Mark Turner


I’d like to compare shooting for Fueltopia to white water rafting; exciting, challenging, scary at times, but ultimately satisfying. While we close the books on 2017, I’ll take you for a look back at the past 12 months, the cars, writers, photographers and their own submitted highlights of what has been a petrol fuelled whirlwind.

On reflection, we also want to add a ‘thank you’, yeah you, reading this right now. None of this would be possible without your support, clicks, shares, feedback.

January. – Intergalactic PlanetarE36

With inspiration drawing from Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic, James’s e36 rides on an Air Lift Performance system and 18 inch Rotiform TMB’s.
The incredible wrap was designed by CIAY and fitted by JD Wraps. There’s a feast of upgrades from an M3 CSL duck tail to a custom built EMP exhaust, Corbeau bucket seats, ASD hydro, half cage and more.


February. Purpose Built Barrel Hunter

Just days away from the beginning of the 2017 Fueltopia Barrel Sprint season, this S14 met it’s demise at Coventry MotorFest when it made a firm introduction with a concrete pillar underneath the ring roads.
Another S13 was sourced and Mark Young at Japs Motorsport took on an impossible task and completed the transformation from a bare shell to a seam welded, 385bhp monster with with a serious weight loss fetish in a mere 7 days


March. Packing A Punch

Dan Fegent, our O.G snapper, caught up with Perry Stephenson and his Monstrous looking MGB.
At the time of these photos it was running a 4.8 litre v8 (bored out Rover 3.9 V8) coupled to a supercharger from a Sherman tank! Perry believes its running around 400bhp with 600 ft/lbs of torque. A beautiful car that pushes the tastes of the purists to absolute limits


April. Stunt Festival and Streetfighter Show

The Ace Cafe Stunt Festival featured the Streetfighter Show & the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint. It saw 2 wheel and 4 wheel worlds collide in a perfect display of raw rider & driver talent.
Static displays of bikes and cars were varied & ample. Allowing each patriot of two or four wheel a chance to get up close and personal with each others offerings. Ace Cafe put on a hearty food stand so those could sit and discuss their discoveries & settle their differences.


May. Getting Ready for Speedway

Andi Gordon jumped on a plane to Slovenia for the first round of the 2017 Speedway Grand Prix series. His third season shooting Speedway for Monster Energy.
If you don’t already know, they race on a dirt oval, they don’t have breaks and it takes balls of granite to even twist the throttle and they fly past in a blink of an eye.
To get creative, expressive shots of Speedway you need to build relationships with riders, mechanics, managers and anyone else who you are going to get in the way of while cutting about in the pits.


June. Coventry Motofest

Coventry MotoFest, an annual festival celebrating the region’s historic motoring heritage in the heart of Coventry but with the added draw of it being held on the cities public ring road. Think Monaco, take away the sea, double the size and slap on a West Midlands accent and you’re pretty much there.
Crowds lined up on slip roads and cross overs using the landscape as some sort of amphitheatre. It was utterly bizarre and brilliant at the same time.
Under one of the fly overs was a converted car park which was home to our Formula G demonstrations as well as Drift Outlaws.


July. Players Classic

If you had to ask us if you had to visit one car show, without question, it would have to be Players Classic. It is hard to imagine how they could improve an event like this, but the plans the Players team have in store will no doubt leave this event as another yearly champion of car shows. I mean, where else would you find a lowrider Chevy Impala parked about 20ft away from a McLaren 675LT both of which receiving praise and respect?
In 2018 the event will span two days, with over 800 cars in attendance, 10,000’s applying you know you need something special to get through the gate


August. 6R4.NET Track Day – Curborough co-founder Nicky Lindon organises a track day that is rolling piece of motoring history, that doesn’t spare the ponies.

If like us you didn’t get to see Group B’s in action then this track day brings them up close and personal and with the added bonus of hearing them at Max Attack! Line up’s include Ford RS200’s, the ultra-rare Escort RS1700T and a smattering of kick-ass Metro 6R4’s

Our rally and rallycross Guru, Steve White, even managed to sneak into the co-driver’s seat of Nigel Mummery’s Ford RS200 and brought us some amazing highlights


September. Night Sessions – Dan Guirey

Let’s set you the scene, a local UK car meet, in the pouring rain, Dave Cox braved the elements to take the opportunity to capture the soul of Dan Guirey’s Mk1 Golf.
It’s cute proportions disguise the animal that it is. Peel back the wrapper and you will be greeted with a 1.8L 8 valve G60 engine which is turbo charged. The result is an engine capable of 300bhp! Plenty given the car’s weight. Dan is running the car at 240bhp due to handling issues.


October. Edd Tubbs’ ’32 Ford Pickup

Nestled between an Evo and Mk2 Escort, a ’32 Ford Pickup that made us stop and stare. A labour of automotive love that took 4 years of busted knuckles and passion
In that time this Pickup has been stripped down to its bare chassis, laddered the rear and added a new cross members to allow the inclusion of modern coilovers – pretty neat huh?
In true HotRod style the roof has been chopped 2 inches and the cab channelled by 3”.
A Rover 3.5 v8 is hard to miss as it protrudes proudly from the engine bay. It has been completely rebuilt, re bored new high compression pistons and bearings, fast road cam, Holley 4 barrel, hand built open headers laker style and a Cadillac air box.


November. Behind the Scenes: Formula G Pilot TV Show

CTRL, the team behind RC Racing TV contacted us earlier this year with a vision of using their expertise gained in producing programs about radio controlled cars to create a new pilot for a TV show all about Formula G. They see it as the new breakthrough in racing and something different to what is currently shown on many motoring channels.
Mat the director said “As soon as we saw the events that Fueltopia did we loved how exciting, accessible and ‘real’ the racing was, we can’t wait to show this to everyone else too”.


December. Bagged Bull

Add power, attitude and heavily caffeinated graphics to a Scirocco and what you get is a pretty cool VW.
This is a classic father, son story as many a car build, but I think what we got here was something unique and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.
A Racingline Performance air intake helps feeds the turbo whilst the Forge Motorsport intercooler helps intake temps stay down. An APR Stage 2+ map brings the final number to 370bhp.