VLOG 1 | Goodwood FOS

21st March 2017 — by Dan Fegent


This is a look behind the curtain, a peak behind the scenes, an insight in to what happens at an event to bring you coverage. Lets head back to the 2016 season & kick this series off.

For me Goodwood Festival of Speed was one of those bucket list events. To go there is fantastic, to be asked to work there & provide coverage of the event was simply incredible! A highlight of my career as a photographer. Was it one of the hardest events I’ve ever had the pleasure to work at? Oh yeh! Was it worth it? Totally!

This post isn’t just to churn up old content though, I’ve wanted to put it together to hopefully share with you all something new. I said to myself at the start of last year that I wanted to begin keeping a diary of my work travels, something that would become a memory for me to keep. Why? Well I go around taking pictures of so many amazing people in so many awesome locations, which is fantastic, but I have no actual memories of being at those places other than my work…


It all started off with selfies… yep its a slippery slope people. A few shots here and there with friends, then coming home from events & projects & printing them on polaroids & displaying them around the flat. Great, memories were becoming physical things & I was loving it. However this wasn’t enough for me, capturing moments with people was fantastic & a big part of what I needed but it didn’t capture the emotion at the time, the overall atmosphere & the sounds.

I spoke with a few people & got inspired. I then took a brave ‘DontBeSelfConcious’ pill & the vlogs were born. What better place to kick them off than at Goodwood Festival of Speed! I thought to myself, if there is one place where I shouldn’t ever run out of content then that has got to be it.
Obviously it was a first time try, I was shy, nervous as hell & despite planning out ideas in my head I was not even sure what I wanted to capture as soon as I hit that record button on the camera. I did it though, I filmed a lot & created something & kicked off my series of vlogs which can be checked out in their entirety on the Status Error Youtube channel that I run alongside Gianni.

This was a great start for me, ticked what I was after entirely. It became something I can keep & have as a memory. It all developed from there & even went on to become fun to continue these vlogs as the year went on. There is still masses of room for improvement but I enjoy doing it and that really is all that matters when it comes down to it.

Hopefully you all enjoy the insight as I will be sharing them all on here as I go & include several of my photos from the various events to better show you what it was like. I want to share with you not only the work I created but my experience and what it was like for me to be there.

Thank you all for reading my thoughts & watching 🙂



Spring Matsuri

21st March 2017 — by Dave Cox


So it was my first ever Drift Matsuri. And being one of two yearly events this spring Matsuri event took place at Rockingham Motor Speedway, East Midlands.

I set out on my 3.5 hour journey at early hours of Saturday morning to and get to the venue as early as possible and get the most out of the weekend.

The journey was super smooth in my old Mercedes, which made it extra enjoyable traveling up. Arriving at the track I was immediately overwhelmed with the sheer amount of effort people have put into their cars, and the variation was incredible.

The word ‘Matsuri’ meaning festival in Japanese was clearly shown here, by the chilled and party-like atmosphere, inside and out of the pits.

Using 3 separate tracks meant there was action to be seen from all angles. 1 of them being used on the Sunday for the Drift Cup Round 1.

Apart from shooting trackside I also took the opportunity to catch up with some old mates (fellow photographers, organisers and drivers). Which is the great thing about the drifting community; it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been away from it you can jump straight back into the deep end and it was like you’ve never left.

Hearing feedback from drivers of the event was very positive, and the main thing they all loved was that they could drive next to whoever. Whether it be a learner, streeto hoon or a BDC pro. It was all in the name of drifting and having fun.

From 600bhp animals to 100bhp low powered clutch kickers all the drivers gave it a shot.

That aside it is a real shame that other drift events in the UK aren’t as entertaining as this, and show as much of a variety of cars and driving styles.

What we can’t forget is that there are so many styles out there and not one of them is wrong, as they all have their place. Even the cars in the car park were on another level!

Overall it was a really enjoyable weekend and a great event to go to after having so much time out from it all.

Words & Pics: Al Hughes


Young gun takes on the Quick Draw

16th March 2017 — by Fueltopia Events


It’s a first for Formula G but in attempts to make motorsport accessible to all, we are for the first time opening our doors to the unlicensed and that means a young lad making noise in Scotland can make his way down south for his first outing on the Formula G track in his 1.8cc Mazda MX5.

We are excited to see Ben Dryburgh take to the track this weekend and show that a 14-year-old can take on the obstacles just as well as his dad Alan, who took on the Gymkhana Grid Gauntlet finals in 2016.

Bens MX5 has been built especially for him to compete this season and he was truly gutted to not have it 100% for the first Barrel Sprint and Formula G rounds at the beginning of March. However freshly fitted with a new ECU, Bens fully prepared to join the fleet of MX5s, now leading in the gymkhana championship.

This however wont be Bens first outing, having competed all last year in the Scottish Gymkhana Cup, driving regular Formula G driver Adam Elders Nissan  S14 and taking third place in the championship and being named Best Drifter by Fast Car magazine at Crail last year driving his dads 650BHP Supra.

Ben will be competing in as many Barrel Sprint and Formula G events as he can this season, making him not only the youngest competitor in the field but also the furthest to travel.  We hope many will come out to show support to our newest competitor.

For others looking to get involved in both the Barrel Sprint and Formula G please contact event manager, Becci Gilbert, at who will help you with all the necessary details for entry.

Photos provided by Ben Dryburgh


Offline at the Ace Cafe – February

19th February 2017 — by Dave Cox


February’s Offline meet at the Ace Cafe was our biggest yet. With a wide range of automotive metal and BBC’s Top Gear: Extra Gear in attendance. It was a great opportunity to forget about work and hang out with like minded people.

It was great to see some unusual cars there too, I don’t think I have ever seen a Jaguar XJ220 in person, or at least on the road. It had such clean smooth lines, hard to believe that it is around 23 years old. It has aged to well. Sadly it disappeared before I could get some decent pictures of it.

Another that really caught my attention was this Dodge Viper GTS-R, when I was a kid, this was one of my dream cars and this one in race trim was phenomenal. Again, that left before I could spend some time or speak to the owner. If you’re reading this, say “Hi” on any of our channels, we’d love to know more.

It was also pretty fascinating to see the Top Gear crew do their thing. I didn’t want to get in the way of their filming but you may see me in the back of shot in a few of them. I’d love to know what they thought of the night and can’t wait to see it aired. It really makes you feel proud when you see something like Top Gear turn up at your event.

There was also some regular faces there, you may recognise this E36 that I featured earlier this year, you can read about it here.

Also if this Mercedes AMG seems familiar, well we featured that earlier this year too, click this link and you can even see behind the scenes on the lovely guys at Xquisite Productions who built here.

Here is a cool little video that shows you guys what goes on during our meets. If you fancy popping a long, one night, we hold them on the second Monday of each month at the Ace Cafe. Check out the facebook page for more information.

And whilst we are sharing videos, our buddy Adam at 6Two1 did this awesome VLOG of the event too as we invited him down.

Words & Pictures: Dave Cox (Shooting Dave)


Autosport International 2017

23rd January 2017 — by Dave Cox


Seeing as I have never attended the Autosport International show before, I had no idea what to expect.

I mean, I had a good idea, the vast halls of Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre were to be filled with a cross section of motor-sports finest offerings. So there was going to be cars. And seeing as this was a public event, there was bound to be people too.


We started the day, or at least I did at 4:30 in the morning. I set off to rendezvous with other Fueltopia members, Phil ‘Paps’ McCusker and Kim Pham as well as a few other friends at the Ace Cafe at 6am before setting off in search of food and coffee. As the NEC loomed closer, the sun came up and caffeine started to finally take hold, we started to speculate as to what we might find in these great halls.


First port of call was our own Fueltopia stand displaying offerings from Fueltopia Barrel Sprint, European Burnout Championship and Formula G. It was so good to see us with such a large presence, all three are our own sports  that we are proud of and it is nice to see them growing so well. Our staff were on hand to offer advice and encourage people to get involved with variety of grass roots motor-sports. Literally all you need to get involved is a valid European driving licence.


You may also recognise this BMW that we featured a few weeks back. It was great to see it receive so much attention on the stand.


Back to the show itself. Like many of you, my winter in the UK involved more booze and food than it did cars. Autosport provides a nice platform to spark enthusiasm and make plans for the coming year. It serves the public with big, bold and brash displays whilst giving plenty of opportunities to industry folk to discuss future plans and forge new alliances. My right hand spent as much time taking photos as it did shaking the hands of new acquaintances.


Plodding through the vast hall in a zig-zag manor I found myself feeling overwhelmed with excitement and fear or missing something, much like a kid in a toy store. There was literally something for everyone here, from precision race cars to purpose built show cars. I felt a sense of guilt as well, as one stand tries to outdo the other you feel you might bypass something really special. A sense of regret at not spending more than one day there.


For instance you could spend a whole day pouring over the intricate details of both modern and historic Formula 1 cars. I may be biased towards the older generation of cars with their raw lines but their modern counterparts are dripping with details dreamt up by the world’s best engineers.


Keeping an eye open on social media, I have already spotted a few cars that I completely missed. Most regrettably is the new Honda NSX – a car that I know pretty well as I did the online configurator for it, I am still yet to see one in person.


However one car did stop me in my tracks, it isn’t the most flashiest of cars there but I was overcome with the urge to sit in it and go tearing down some back roads. It was the Abarth 124 Rally. It is undeniably cute, I really, really want one. We will show you a bit more about this car over the next week or so.


The squadron of Group A Ford Sierra RS500’s left me a little shell shocked. Cars from the ’80s have a special place in my heart. Judging by the constant buzz around them, I am sure I was not alone in thinking so.


Mmm whale tail heaven!


Speaking of ’80s, this E30 M3 Rally car really caught my attention, I knew the shot I wanted, I even waited for about 5 minutes to get it. I was so enamoured that I completely missed the bagged E30 M3 right in front of me. That was equally as flawless. And this was much the same story as you walked around, you would look at one thing, and like a siren, you would be drawn to it, blinkered to stunning machinery around it.


Eventually Phil & I dragged ourselves away from the automotive candy store and headed to the live show arena.

The hour long show was a true automotive mix bag ranging from Stock Cars to legendary Rally Cars to new concept GT cars.


And whilst the show was entertaining, no one was showing off more than Liam Doran who was in full attack mode! With anti-lag on, he was putting on his own firework display.


Coming in hot…


…before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

Words & Pictures: Dave Cox (ShootingDave)
Additional Pictures: Phil ‘Paps’ McCusker