The New Honda Civic Type R

8th March 2017 — by Dave Cox


The all new Honda Civic Type R, what you saying?!

This is a car I have been waiting to talk about for a while. I have known about it for some time now as my day job is creating CGI imagery for Honda (UK, EU and US). So I am keen to hear what you think? How do you like it the new look?

For me, this is the Civic Type R they meant to build last time round. It seems more of a complete package, purposely designed body panels and aggressive looks. The 2015 version was an impressive car but the panels felt like they were just stuck on, like it was a body kit you could buy off the shelf. The vents were there purely for aesthetics rather than being functional. I was also slightly disappointed that it didn’t stay closer to the concept. It is still impressive too look at but if you were to approach from the rear or side and squint your eyes a lot of that aggressiveness went away.

That is where the 2018 model comes into it’s own, who would of thought that it would be pretty much remain so true to the original concept? Well done Honda!

The widened fenders are single pieces now, the bonnet has a very Subaru-esque scoop on it (not a bad thing if you ask me). A feature on the standard Civic 5 door was the large “vents” underneath the headlights. For me they didn’t really have a place, on the Type R, they seem far more justified.

The rear has some new features too. Most notably the 3 exhaust pipes. I am told by the chaps at Honda that the centre exhaust is an external wastegate from the turbo. I could be proven wrong but lets hope I am not. The rear wing is bigger, more aggressive and chunkier. It seem to be in parity with the updated tail-lights which I personally think are a big improvement over the ’15 version.

So that is the exterior covered, I know you all want to know about power, is it more powerful? Yes, well, a bit. A new exhaust system and an updated ECU see’s power pushed a further 10bhp totalling 316bhp and 295ftlb of torque. Nothing insane but from what I hear, the 2.0l 4-pot was pretty good anyway. They have been playing with the ride quality as well. The ’15 version was criticised for being too harsh so Honda have now given differing driving modes; Standard, R+ and Comfort. no ability to customise throttle response with damper settings but Honda isn’t interested in letting you do that. They feel they have set the car up to be the best it can be.

The interior is typically “Type R” with nicely bolstered seats and lots of red trim, shorter gear stick and machined metal gear knob. Small tactile changes to lift the car above the standard version.

So what are your thoughts? I think it is a big step in the right direction, I wish it was four wheel drive like the Focus RS but I won’t let that sully my opinion of it. I just can’t wait to get to drive one.

Words: Dave Cox (Shooting Dave)
Pictures: Honda UK – Richard Pardon – sourced from


Luke Fink’s V10 E46 M3 sounds unbelievable

1st February 2017 — by Black Flagged

Australian Luke Fink has never been one to shy away from the limelight. His character is larger than  life, BMX’er turned global drift phenomena, he always manages to grab the attention whether it be developing his own drift series, DCA, or in this instance his insane BMW E46 V10 M3.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 15.55.49

If you happen to be a drifting fan, you may have noticed that in recent global events, the cars loaned to Fink haven’t seemed to come up to scratch. However, that has all changed on his most recent trip out to Yas Marina in the UAE for the King of `Nations event. Tuning group, Kinetechnik, managed to shoe-horn in a massive s85 V10 engine into an E46 M3. It was like the first mating of jam and peanut butter – this Fink,  V10, partnership was set to blow minds and with that the internet was won. Fink’s impressive driving style and that V10 song has had petrolheads, globally, lapping up every video they can find to get another fix.

Thanks to our bro’s at Crank & Piston who have managed to put together maybe the best all round video of this amazing sounding drift car.

If you’ve not done so already, you’ll want to listen to this!

I can only hope that we might see more V10’s emerge into drift, in a sport that has as much importance on style and sound as technical skill it would really amazing for fans to hear the scream of a high revving V10 tear around again


Ford GT sets top speed dominance

25th January 2017 — by Black Flagged


The Ford GT has set a scorching top spot at the Blue Oval offices with a dash melting top speed of 216mph

Like the glass cockpit in airplanes and race cars, the all-new Ford GT features an all-digital instrument display in the car’s dashboard that quickly and easily presents information to the driver, based on five special driving modes.
Like the glass cockpit in airplanes and race cars, the all-new Ford GT features an all-digital instrument display in the car’s dashboard that quickly and easily presents information to the driver, based on five special driving modes.


The Ecoboost 3.5 V6 engine, strong-arms a punchy 647hp and a asphalt assaulting 550lb/ft of torque. With the cars dry weight at a Weight Watcher friendly 1400kg, It pushes the Ford GT to the top of the table, making it the fastest car in the Ford production line up.

In recent tests at the Calabogie Moorpark in Canada, the Ford GT also proved it’s no straight line pony. It clocked in quicker lap times than both the McLaren 675LT and the Ferrari 458 Speciale

We’re stoked to see that Ford are producing a car with Supercar slaying capabilities and look forward to seeing how the GT will develop with some aftermarket touches





2016 Round up … The Return

6th December 2016 — by Ben Gaut


So 2016 round up … well that would be short and sweet I didn’t shoot anything! How about 2015 round up that would also be pretty short as I only shot one event! So you might be thinking why the hell has he even bothered…

This isn’t a round up, this isn’t a look back on the year, this a plan of attack ready to take on 2017! Some of you may remember me some of you might not, so lets kick it off I’m Ben also known as Fueltopia’s ‘scenester’ in residence! You will mainly find me stuck between an aired out VAG, a cambered up rusty old Datsun, peering though tyre smoke at the side of the track or hanging out the window of a moving vehicle on many of the UK’s finest motorways!

As I said I have nothing to show for 2016 and barely anything worth sharing from 2015, the reason for this is simple I couldn’t walk for 2 years! After waking up one morning in August 2013 and barely being able to walk and my knee deteriorating as the year went on I had to take a back seat on all things photography I just couldn’t get to any events and when I did I was in too much pain to shoot.

The last 2 and half years for me have been focused on just getting off crutches and out of a wheel chair! Finally after 11 operations and finally a bone transplant I’m back and ready to hit 2017 harder than ever!!

Now what hell I am i going to shoot! everything has changed, builds have come and gone, events have expanded, the people have changed. Well with the new changes David Egan has brought to the BDC I think its time I headed back to the frontline! RDC is growing more and more so lets head down there! And I can’t be ‘scenester’ in residence if you don’t see my face walking around aired out VAG’s!

But for me I want to add a little twist to everything I have done before. Let’s push some boundaries and limits. So stay tuned for some Streeto, Closed road and hell I would love to shoot some bikes! However I know nothing about bikes but they go fast and make noise so I am there!

Anyway that’s enough from me! 2017 is the RETURN!


This is what we lose

7th November 2016 — by Ruben Langa



Near my home town there are  a series of perfect roads. A place to disconnect when you want to plant the good foot and escape. In fact they’re so good it might not surprise you to learn that they’re also WRC stages. For the local hoons there weekend fun, but nothing can compare taking on its challenges than being behind the wheel of a VW Polo WRC 2017.

In 2016 a keen rally fan will notice that the VW Polo has gained in it’s width, stance and over all look and feel. The car has been overhauled by the engineers from DTM, but while they’re not over the top, the centimetres here and there will add all the difference when shooting for podiums.


It doesn’t stop with the body, the electronic central diff, suspension, tyres, brakes have been finely fettled with that the car now has a more dynamic handling package – it’s that train on rails effect when it carves the asphalt curves of the Spanish countryside


While some will say visually it doesn’t deliver that look of speed, the bigger turbocharger that sucks power to over 380hp and 500n/m would massively disagree. Ok it’s doesn’t visually look as fast, but this thing is literally helping the earth spin on its axis its producing so much grip.


In my mind, i’ve seen one of the fastest cars of the WRC and with Ogier, Latvala & Mikkelsen behind the wheel, I think it’s undoubtedly a car that will not become an icon within the WRC’s history books. Make sure you take in the sights and sounds of what i’d consider to be as exciting a car as the old Group B era.