Adam Elder Does King Of The Ring

16th April 2017 — by Mike Newland

Current Fueltopia Barrel Sprint champion Adam Elder takes on Arena Essex. We followed Adam as he branched out into King Of The Ring. Both KOTR and FBS involve a high level of car control and consistency. Check out the video to see how 2016 FBS champ got on.


Fueltopia Offline – Ace Cafe & Kebagel’s

14th March 2017 — by Mike Newland

The Fueltopia “Offline” meets are really starting to kick off at the Ace. With the daylight now lasting a little longer, and winters chill starting to die down. More and more people are coming to check out our awesome monthly meets.

March’s meet saw a vast array of different cars from lots of backgrounds, From crazy sound off cars to full on competition drift cars. Variety is something that makes these meets extra special. I went along last night with my video camera, to try and get you guys an insight into Fueltopia at the Ace.

How can you be apart of it i hear you ask? Easy. Follow the Fueltopia page on face book From there you will see when we post up the next monthly meet, all details will be in the event post.

Video by Mike Newland


Bonkers Renault Kangoo

31st January 2017 — by Black Flagged

I love a van,  I can’t lie. Despite getting to drive some decent cars throughout my time in the motoring press, there is just something about a good van that really floats my boat.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 21.29.36

Now imagine my  excitement when I caught this video of this bonkers Renault Kangoo built by  the Andersson brothers on the Bilsport website

The stock 1.5 dci engine has been cast aside and replaced with a Mercedes OM606 turbo diesel engine. To us laymen thats a 3.0-litre, straight 6, turbo charged beast, that came in the Mercedes W210. The brothers haven’t left it stock, they’ve changed  the turbo and now have the executive car engine screaming out an impressive 4-500hp

To cope with the power, the rear axle of the  French mini-van has been switched to a tried and tested Volvo 940 set up

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 21.30.42

Source: Bilsport



Merry Skidmas

20th December 2016 — by JimmyDrama

You Tuber and drift video channel, Monkey London, took the festive season to a whole new level with this short video, Merry Skidmas. Combining Christmas cheer, some cheeky street sessions and a couple of s-bodies, that’d look like they’d fit right into any grotto setting.

I bloody love Christmas! So go and enjoy this Festive & Furious video



The X-Visions Fueled UK car culture

18th December 2016 — by JimmyDrama

I love the creative flair that’s busting out of the UK scene at the minute and none more than ‘Fueled’ by The X-Visions. The mix of done and first person shooting is rad! Combine the decent mix of camera work and the 4K quality with flame spitting Supra’s and Subaru WRx’s then you’ll get the picture. However, you don’t need someone like myself telling you about the video, hit play and take a look at what goes down after dark in every major town in the UK.