Finalboss 2015

12th January 2017 — by Connor Mathieson



Finalboss 2015

12th January 2017 — by Connor Mathieson


Finalboss, where all the mega cool Japanese creations in and around the UK come to Driftland for a weekend of shenanigans and banter.

This year would see the arrival of seriously cool cars and some badass vinyl creations all being prepared for this event itself.

From the amazingly well put together wrap on the MintyFresh cars, to the exceptionally cool Tekno AE86 trio. Finalboss 2015 was already looking to be awesome before it had even begun…

The Tekno guys made the long trip from Ireland to Driftland with 3 of their awesome 86’s. Seeing and hearing all the 86’s in videos simply does not prepare you for the imminence eargasm that the trio produce!

A few guys came up with their comp cars to have a little play between their busy schedules.

Daze high of his first BDC event from a few weeks before, was out having a great time in what’s in my opinion, one of the cleanest S14’s in the UK from a style point of view.

Quite possibly the best thing about Finalboss is the people that attend. Its more about bringing a whole bunch of cool guys and girls together for a weekend of meets, greets and banter. As well as the drifting of course..

Alex, Hux and Dan had a stupid close moment at the beginning of the day, with one of them spinning out almost causing a pile up. Naturally everyone laughed it off!

Mark Norfolk had thee most unfortunate weekend I think I’ve ever seen. On the way up to Driftland in his PS13, he had an issue with the car causing him to travel back home, unload the car and make the decision to load up his 180sx. After then having to spend a good few hours on the Saturday morning replacing the diff he finally got out to drift. On what must have been the 2nd or 3rd lap in his first session his car caught on fire. Mark hadn’t realised this for almost half a lap, He finally noticed and managed to get out of the car.

Fortunately Mark wasn’t injured, To my understanding a fuel line came into contact with the exhaust manifold. Regardless of what happened it was a pretty terrible way for his weekend to go.

As well as all the “outsiders” to use a phrase, there was also a lot of locals on track. One of which was William Rose, who brought along his BDC compact and proceeded to run it off the wall the majority of the time..

Jonny McIntosh was another local to bring his awesome 1jz powered S14, Jonny took me out for a run earlier in the day to which we ran the car up the bank ripping the rear bumper off. As expected he blamed me for this little off.

Alex of course rocked up with his S14. It is a cool car, Work VSXX’s, fittest of fitments and just ridiculous lows.

It’s really cool seeing these cars from all over coming together and kicking it sideways. Seeing the likes of Stuart Lawson in his FC chasing in the Mintyfresh guys is just a great sight to witness.

All in all, Finalboss is a really laid back chilled out event even if the driving suggests otherwise. The fact that people prepare their cars for Finalboss is testament to the kind of presence it holds. It was really cool seeing all these awesome builds come together in one place.

Now the hype train commences for Finalboss 2017

Words and Photos by Connor Mathieson 

Connor Mathieson