FittedUK 2017

4th August 2017 — by Connor Mathieson



FittedUK 2017

4th August 2017 — by Connor Mathieson

I’ve never been much of the person to attend shows, Being someone to shoot more of an action based area within car culture I always thought a show would be too boring for me.

It’s been roughly 2-3 years since I last attended one (not including the Scottish Car Show) a few weeks ago.

The pacing is so laid back it’s an almost alien feeling to me. I can stand and wait a few minutes to get the right shot that I want with no one in the way or with people in the way if that’s the kind of shot I’m looking for. It’s nice to have such options, I almost feel like with drifting I’m rushing to get a base shot so I can try some weird angles or something unusual setting wise then, if I don’t hit them, I’ve still got the base shot to fall back on.

Again it’s nice to have time, If a car is crowded you can just leave and come back later if you wanted, Which I did with this MX5.

Kirsty’s S2000 caught my attention from the second I saw it. It has that super aggressive track spec look to it, Right up to the splitter almost touching the floor. I’ve always been a fan of aggressive looking cars. The way i see it is you either go maximum aggressive with your styling or stick to a more simple OEM look. Both can look amazing and for me either of the two are the best way to style a car. That being said though, Kirsty’s car isn’t massively aggressive in its mods department rather in the way the car sits.

Going back to the whole aggressive versus OEM look, here’s a great example of OEM. Simple and cleanly executed. The car has a small diffuser on the rear and a nice wing that really suits the car well.

My car of the show goes to this Beetle. I mean just look at it. Old school livery that you’d typically see on a Group 5 Porsche with the amazing Porsche TurboFan wheels. It’s easily the best looking Beetle I’ve seen myself and that’s what I like about these kind of shows. You turn a corner and see something that totally blows you away.

The hottest Asian guy I know Jesse had his awesome Lexus sitting in the VIP hall. I watched him build this car over the years through Facebook and it was great to finally see it in person. Work VSXX’s with black faces and bronze lips, First time I’ve seen a pair in this colour and they suited the car well.

Chris’ Gold is yet another of those “simple” cars that really catches your attention. The colour alone makes the car stand out, A real deep yellow colour stands out in the darker VIP hall.

What stands out more however is the impeccable fitment. Lips caressing the arches, It certainly stand out for being a fairly simple looking car for the most part.

I have a great deal of love for older Porsche’s and there’s nothing I like more than a classy Porsche on a nice set of wheel sitting low. Something about them appeals so much to me, I reckon it stemmed from the whole RWB craze.

Hawkeyes are for sure my favourite Subaru of the 2000’s, with a more pleasing headlight arrangement than some of the other models from the same era.

This 350z built by Revolution Paintwork was something I was looking forward to seeing in a finished state. The last time I saw it was pre paint and when the kit was still being put onto the car. It’s a real eye catcher of a car, Super wide stance to it that you can see from quite a distance away.

Car shows are really growing on me. Being able to take time to explore cars and shoot in a more casual manor is a huge difference of pace to what I’m used to but I like it.

Hopefully I’ll be attending some more big shows in the future as the FittedUK guys put on a really great show, Really bringing in a cool atmosphere to the whole event.

Photos and words by Connor Mathieson

Connor Mathieson