Mellow Yellow – Rich’s S15

3rd July 2016 — by Dave Cox



Mellow Yellow – Rich’s S15

3rd July 2016 — by Dave Cox

Now before my baptism into drifting around 4 years ago, which is where I met Rich, I had never really seen, let alone heard of a Nissan S15. Admittedly there one was one early introduction in Fast & Furious but I hadn’t really stood next to one.


Rich bought his S15 just over a year ago now. It was imported from Japan, was fitted with air ride and had a standard SR20 mated to an automatic slush box and was intended to be another build for the now infamous Driftworks team. The project never got underway and Rich acquired the car through the business. Now with shelves full of drift spec parts and crates of Work Wheels coming in, it didn’t take too long for the cogs of inspiration to start turning.


The goal was simple, low and wide. First port of order was to tackle the “wide” portion of this build. This one done with some Origin Lab fender adding an extra 50mm in the rear and 40mm up front. The front are direct replacements but the rear are riveted into place with some fab work underneath.


40 and 50mm might not sounds like a lot but to me I think the difference is profound. Adding so much more drama to the rear and even tying it in with the OEM rear bumper looks great.


The vents behind the front wheel add that little bit of needed aggression too. During the build process, Rich decided to ditch the standard rear wing. A move that I think really works well. I actually think it looks more aggressive without it. You’ll have to take my word for it as I don’t have pictures of both.


To make the rear of the car feel less naked, Rich added in a roof spoiler, a clean an elegant addition I’d say. Standard lights were also swapped out for DMAX style rears.


Another import modification on there is the Fueltopia graphic! Who doesn’t want one of those?


Continuing on with the exterior modifications was the addition of a Origin Lab front bumper, the differences from the OEM version are subtle. Origin Labs here just take the standard formula and subtle aggressive tweaks along with new side skirts, really ties the look together.


Next on the agenda, the lows. Now I did mention that this was on air ride but Rich tells me that it was leaky and provided horrible ride quality so the bags were ditched in favour of some HSD coilovers giving him the ride comfort and adjustability he was looking for. I don’t want to get all scene on you but the fitment is on point, there is just enough clearance and having been in the car, it ride so well. Paired to the width of this car, it really has transformed the way it looks.


The 18″ Work Wheels Emotion CR2P (18×9 et-10 front – 18×11 et-0 rear) that were chosen for this car contrast the yellow paint work nicely. I was trying to think what other colour choice would go, black would contrast too much and possibly fade away compared to the yellow paint work. Other colour choices I think would run the risk of looking too garish. Maybe I’m wrong, white isn’t something I would normally go for but I think they are spot on here.


To keep the front wheels from rubbing when turning the OEM tension rods were swapped out for Geomasters, sitting the wheel better in the arch and offering better lock.


The interior is pretty much standard, with the original Japanese dash intact. Not sure he has any plans to tear into this one, maybe some comfy race seats. I really like how the Personal steering wheel matches the exterior colour.


I have followed this banana being built for just over a year now and I like to think that I have shared as much enthusiasm for this car as he has. I wouldn’t change a thing about the way it looks. Yellow isn’t my colour, at all. BUT I am really blown away by it. You can’t miss it. It just works so well.


Rich does have plans for upgrading the power portion of it as this is very much low and slow, there are talks of a Red top SR engine swap, I keep pushing him to go the V8 route but we shall see.


People kept wanting to see this thing and ask questions about it and I can see why. We shot most of this shoot up a Driftworks HQ but then we headed into central Birmingham to get some rolling shots. As I was hanging out of the side of the car, people were stopping and staring. At the car, not the idiot waving his camera around outside of the chase car.


It was nice to see it get so much attention, I couldn’t help but smile was we were following it into the city centre. It looks so wide and so low from behind. Originally I though the front of S15’s were their best feature, but now, seeing how this one sits, I have to think it is the rear.


Rolling shots over, we headed back to DW and waited for the sun to set to do some lit shots. All the while, I couldn’t help smile. Shoot done, it was time for beer. Cheers Rich, I love this car, I will even let you sell it to me (mates rates) once you’re done.


Words & Pictures: Dave Cox (ShootingDave)


Dave Cox