Players 11.0

27th September 2017 — by Dave Cox



Players 11.0

27th September 2017 — by Dave Cox

Welcome to the players 11.0

This is the second Players Show of the year and this time it takes place at North Weald Airfield in Essex.

An early morning wake up call and quiet drive through London’s South and East boroughs, I was on the way to Players. I still get a little excited about car shows like this. Especially due to the massive success of Players Classic. I never really know what to expect.

Pulling into the airfield I could see a busy car park and hear low rumblings from people displaying their ICE tech. I wasn’t sure that in car entertainment was still a thing but apparently it is.

The organisers always seem to choose a venue that allows them to express themselves effectively. As a result, you are guided effortlessly around the venue, rather than being overwhelmed by a mass of vehicles, at least that’s the plan.

Players to me is the equivalent to instagram. Rather than scrolling though posts, you merely stroll past vehicles. This tends to be my biggest problem with car shows. I tend to give each car the same amount of attention as I would an instgram post. A fact that I am guilty of.

My issue is that with so much being offered up, it is almost overwhelming. You literally don’t know where to look or where to start. With so many people in attendance you feel that you might be missing out something and tend hurriedly scuttle past things that you should probably stop and see.

If you were to see any one of these cars on the road, you would probably lose your shit. Sat here at North Weald Airfield, it was hard to give one.

To get around this, I decided to make a few laps of the event. Find my bearings. I took very few photos in these initial laps but the more circuits I did, the more I saw. (Obviously). But what I mean is, I found myself taking more time to look at what was on offer. And there was a lot to see.

Once you have got over the initial impact of seeing so many cars, it is so nice to slowly discover the finer details that each owner has chosen.

In recent years I would have been quick to dismiss MX-5 but lately I have discovered a new soft spot for them. Small, cheap and dare I say cute, I fear I may end up buying one soon.

The AirLift stand/hanger was a place that I kept coming back to over and over. Everything in here was immaculate. This B5 Audi RS4 Avante was right up my street! The colour, wheel choice, the bulbous proportions. Ugh, so good!

Contrast that with this amazing ’32 Ford Pickup (correct me if I am wrong). You might think, “well so what?” but this thing is RHD converted and running a 3.5L Rover V8. The level of finish was brilliant too, sanded red paint with a clear coat.

And this is one of the most rewarding things about shows like this, different style and different groups all in the one place. A Ford Capri next to a Skoda Fabia? Why not?

A Beetle next to a kitted GT86? You got it!

Over and over, these automotive contradictions can be found, Bringing people from this camp or that camp and forcing them to be together. I like this uniting of automotive cultures. I am not going to wax lyrical about how Players is bringing everyone together.

But in a way, it kind of does.

I also use it as an opportunity to challenge my own perceptions. I am not a massive fan of “Stanced” Euro hatches. So I spent every opportunity have a look at them. Trying to understand a little more and appreciate them. I am not overly sold. But I’d happily take a dropped late model Golf.

Speaking of the unexpected, it was hard to miss this bright yellow Mustang. It’s big, it’s silly and f*cking love it. Couldn’t tell you why but I really do. Maybe it is the blend of a big yank tank and Japanese styling? It’s so aggressive looking but without going completely over the top.

I could go on and on but I’d just be waffling now. Scroll to the bottom for more pictures.

Words & Pictures Dave Cox (SHOOTINGDAVE)
Instagram: @ShootingDave

Dave Cox