Scottish Car Show 2017

18th July 2017 — by Connor Mathieson



Scottish Car Show 2017

18th July 2017 — by Connor Mathieson

SCS this year was arguably a flop in many people’s eyes, personally I think it simply it came down to it being a 2 day event instead of the old format of 1 day. But lets leave that behind and have a look at some interesting machines that stood out.

One of the first cars I noticed was this Nissan Cima. My first time seeing one in person but the white wall tyres were certainly an acquired taste that I had not acquired. It’s still cool to see one of these huge Japanese luxury boats though.

Fresh Auto Collective had a nice array of cars indoors with the first of which to catch my eyes was this awesome little pickup that was sitting on SSR Longchamp wheels.

First of the 2 VW’s in the group was Andrew’s really clean MK6 Golf 35th anniversary. Running on the standard wheels and bags. He had other wheels for the car but needs a new lip and barrel for one of them so back to standard it was.

Next to that was this cool Golf Estate. Not a car I’ve seen all too often myself. rear fitment was impeccable which is always nice too see. Show car or not, having nice fitment just makes a car sit so much nicer than it regularly would on its own.

Eilidh brought along the awesome little rocket bunny Miata. I’m not a fan of rocket bunny at all. But sometimes with the right wheel combination they can stand out and be cool. This mx5 is an example, Meister’s are a strong set of wheels and when they have mega amounts of dish they are just so good. I do feel like if it had a little more front fitment it would be looking pretty damn nice!

Daniel’s 370z is running the Carbonsignal Moonbeam fenders as rocket bunny doesn’t actually make a kit for the 370z, but has a really aggressive look to it so its still pretty cool regardless! Something to do with the wheel to body colour combo just does it for me.

Now we come to my favourite car of SCS. I really like the smoked out headlights, they add a kinda stealthy look to the car. Black cars generally are never too interesting to me. I tend to feel like the colour is a bit plain and bland in a sense. But something about this car just oozed stealth to me. There was a lot of carbon parts on the car as well which done a decent job of bring out a little more detail from certain areas and not just being black like the rest of the car. The only thing i didn’t like was the carbon spoiler. I felt like it just didn’t quite mesh with the rest of the car very well.

Rotiform wheels in a mega large diameter sit nicely under the front wheels with strong fitment. From my understanding of BMW’s rear end setups, they are lower set in the rear meaning to generally get nice fitment all round the cars have a lot of front rake. This BMW has sacrificed the rear and tucked them well under the arches to gain that front fitment.

Bringing the Yakuza VIP style to the show was this cool Lexus. Huge rear arches that had been moulded into the body with the fresh black paint and a host of VIP goodness inside.

You don’t really need words to express how cool it was to look into the interior of the car and see this.. Matched with some black curtains on the windows, Just a damn cool car.

I’ve seen my fair share of “stanced” and drift spec E34’s but never a stanced E34 Touring. The first thing that actually caught my eye was the silver front and rear splitters. A fairly subtle note to the car given its impressive rear and front fitment.

I’m a fairly simple man when it comes to cars. Strong fitment and wide dished wheels are just too good sometimes. This E34 Touring is so simple in a general sense. It has wheels and fitment, no flashy body kits and vented bonnets etc. Just clean and simple.

Outside there was a few very nice cars, This two tone E30 caught my eye. It has this strange sort of strip that runs across the top of the grill above the lights that slightly cuts the top of the lights off. I’ve never seen or noticed this before on an E30 but it’s a nice subtle feature. The black and silver two tone had me second guessing whether I liked it or not, but after a minute or so with the car I really do like it. The silver bottom half especially has a really nice shine to it and i’m a big fan!

This sticker really sums up in a general sense what car shows are about. Make a car that you want. Laying in your bed at night thinking of what you could do to your car to make it even more amazing and actually doing it. These shows are about showing off the car you imagined and then built. Whether it’s as simple as a set of wheels and bags, if it makes you happy and you enjoy the car. Then that’s all that matters, right?

Photos and words by Connor Mathieson

Connor Mathieson