Feature: Jan Øivind Ruud’s Stealth B7

3rd December 2016 — by Dave Cox



Feature: Jan Øivind Ruud’s Stealth B7

3rd December 2016 — by Dave Cox

What is it about race cars that gives us the fizz?


The answer is obvious and simple really. They are more exaggerated, more powerful versions of what we might see on the roads. They have a certain shock and awe about them. Anyone with the smallest drop of petrol in their veins would get excited!


Depending on what class of race car you are talking about, you may or may not have seen the road going variant, this is where Jan Øivind’s Stealth comes into the frame. This car started out as a Stealth B6, one of eight! And three of the eight were road legal! It certainly doesn’t look like any sedan you see on the roads does it? But this particular B6 was a development prototype which came with a few extras. Namely bigger and better everything.


The B6 was to become a B7 at the hands of Stealth Cars Ltd, an English company before it got bought by a Polish company – AutoGroup S.A. it then took part in a few races such as GrandAM and GT-1 before Jan got his hands on it.


With intentions of running in the Gatebil Extreme class it wasn’t long before this race car went on a diet. The entire body work was redone in dry-carbon at the hands of Robin Jonasson from Elite Projects in Sweden. I really like the rear clam shell and the way it tapers over the engine bay towards the huge rear spoiler. As it happens, I helped lift this entire section. Now I don’t know about you but when you see a large section of body work, you expect to be pretty heavy. I nearly launched it into the air when I picked it up. Can you believe it only weighs 13kg!


Bollocks I hear your say. Yeah me too when he told me. Now you can have more of an appreciation of how good Robin is with dry carbon! The whole body work weighs a mere 37kg. That is 37 bags of sugar mate! So you get the picture, it is light, but is it quick?


Powered by a 6.4L Chevy smallblock, the same you would find in NASCAR, the B7 produces just under 700bhp and, this is ridiculous, 790NM of torque. Good numbers in a car that weighs 995kg with all fluids and the driver. It also has a theoretical top speed of 299mph!!! You can see why Jan had spent a further two and a half thousand hours working on this car.


There is nothing on this car that isn’t necessary, it is  all functional, that wing isn’t for scene points, it is there force those huge sticky tyres to the ground. Frankly I am surprised there isn’t more aero on this car, with that power and that weight, I’d want all the downforce I could get my hands on! But this is what this car is all about, old school power and old school mechanical grip.


A trend that is present when you talk to Jan about the car. During Gatebil – Rudskogen as I was shooting this car, he was telling me that there is no traction control to speak of, the only thing that keeps him in Gatebil Extreme and out of Breislad is a steady right foot.


Sat here, checking my notes and verifying things with Jan himself, I can’t help but laugh. Just scroll up and re-read some of these numbers, say them out loud to someone else. You’ll have yourself doubting that you read it correctly. I know I did. And if you ever have the pleasure of meeting him, you’ll note that he is cool and calm, he does have a knowing glint in his eyes.


As you read this, the car is getting torn down to make it even faster for next year. The aim: lose around 30-40kg and make some more power upgrades. Next time I see him, I might ask for a ride along…maybe just on a installation lap though.

Words & Pictures: Dave Cox (ShootingDave)

Chevrolet 350 smallblock (6.4L)
Aluminium Block
Billet Steel Crank
H Profile Rods
Forged Pistons
Bowtie aluminium heads wirh Jesel Shaft
Mechanical roller cams and retainers
Titan Valves
Double valve springs
Single plane inlet with Holly carb
MSD distributor
Custom 18-inch magnesium centernut wheels
Dunlop LM tyres
AP Racing brakes with 384mm rotor upfront and 355mm in the rear
Race Dynamic 3 way suspension
Hewland sequestion 6-speed gearbox
GKN axles

Special thanks to:
Thor Holthe
Steffen Karlstad
Jørn Hansen
Kristine Lange Ruud
Vegard Larse
John Chr. Solberg
Andreas Solli at GKN drivline
Henning Hotran
Bjørn Ohme

BM Montasje
CORIGO Entreprenør
OSLO Lås Servise
Elektriker Gruppen AS
Romerike AUTO
Anders Ringstad Produkter
Vegard Larsen
GKN Drivline
ELITE Projects.

Dave Cox