Top 10 wagons you need to know about

6th February 2017 — by Black Flagged


I love a wagon. Like me, there are a few select that can see the beauty in the cars which were originally designed with nothing but practicality in mind.

For this article, I’ve dug deep into the Fueltopia archives to bring you the mega guide to Wagon love.

Opening up the proceedings is this  1998 Subaru Legacy GTB shot by Dan Fegent. This is no slouch, 2.0-litre turbo that packs a meaty 280hp from it’s Boxer engine heart, that classic Subaru sound magnified by the aftermarket Kakimoto exhaust. This isn’t factory fresh, its classic lines remain with the stock wheels getting upgraded to some 18-inch Work Emotion XD9’s

While looking at Wagons, I needed to include an Audi. The list wouldn’t be complete without one and getting one on the list is James Hughes’ Audi A4, shot by Ben Gaut. It’s Jon Olson inspired camo wrap is set off by its aired-out stance on the Airlift Performance V1 Management kit, allowing the Rotiform IND T wheels to squeeze excellently under the arches.

The wolf in sheep clothing. From first glance you may have thought this BMW 330D had managed to luck out to make it onto this list. However, this car is maybe the one to watch. Owned by Dan Fegent, it might look unassuming from the outside, but it’s the 390lb/ft of torque that will show you up off the lights

This car might be aerodynamically challenged, but it’s a classic and was the pinnacle of estate/wagon luxury during the late 80’s and early 90’s. However,  I’m sure that not one owner during it’s prime would ever have imagined seeing their family pride and joy do this! Thanks to Huxley Motorsport, the stock engine has been ripped out and replaced with a BMW M60 4.0-litre V8 that now allows it do this!

Aerodynamically challenged

The Gravel Express – with less than 15 of these in the UK it makes them rarer than rocking horse poo. However, Rich Maguire has taken his classic Subaru designed for the hardy Australian outback and given it a stunning contemporary look for the hazardous West London travels. What it lost in bull-bars and gated spare wheel carrier, it gained in style and stance

The drift world gets a lot of flack, but it needs some credit to helping save the fate of many wagons from the oily fingered grasps of the banger fraternity – who’d only abuse each other with gleeful wrecking abandonment while sending future classics to the great scrap yard in the sky. Fraser Stark’s BMW E30 however still has a slight death wish as it unleashes it’s tyres into a fire show extravaganza thanks to the hearty Toyota 2JZ engine that now resides under the hood

Another Subaru and it’s Gymkhana that saw this glorified dog carrier grab some lime light. Jake Archer’s Kamikaze wagon took on the internet’s best, Ken Block, at his own sport and surprisingly it did pretty bloody well. This might have been built in a shed in Birmingham, but it’s been fielded against the best and held it’s own!

Gatebil, it’s a bonkers three day car festival that boasts the most amount of engine swaped cars than any other show we know – I mean there are 2JZ engines in everything you could imagine. While the Volvo mafia reign large, a cheeky Mercedes always gets the looks and thanks to Dave Cox for capturing this weapon looking as good today as it did when it rolled out of the showroom… Well, perhaps not, but way more exciting right?!

More drifty action, this car dominated the UK drift scene. Michael Marshalls BMW E36 Touring – powered by the favoured Toyota 2JZ I’m sure this couldn’t be further than the sales dream of long weekends away and throwing the golf clubs in the back for a weekend of birdies and eagles… Thanks to our in house rally expert Steve White for getting this smokey run

To finish off our top 10, there could be only one car that took this spot, Edward Blom’s 1975 Volvo 242. It’s not quite a wagon, but I’m bending the rules. This car was originally shot by Andi Gordon and Edward and his mates welcomed in Andi to shoot his awesome M50 turbo powered build. However, sadly not long after Eddie passed away. So, with that in mind this car was  the perfect end to my blog and it’s a tribute to a real petrolhead – check out the hench burnout marks on the garage floor!


The Wrecking Ball 2016 Refresh

25th March 2016 — by Fueltopia

Pictures & words by Dan Fegent

Passion & love for what we do is a motivating factor for the majority of us. We want to be the best & we desire to be recognised for our achievements. Throw in some competition & you either rise to the challenge or crash & burn. This stands true for anyone involved in Motorsport on a competitive level, drivers who wish to succeed have no choice but to thrive on competition.

One driver who has certainly gained traction the past few years is Jake Archer, nicknamed ‘The Wrecking Ball’ for his history of track destruction across Fueltopia Barrel Sprint layouts & Gymkhana courses. He’s been mastering his craft of Gymkhana driving since the beginning of this growing sport & each year has proved to himself, sponsors & the internet that he’s a force to be reckoned with. Love him or hate him, he’s here to stay.

I managed to catch up directly with Jake on a recent visit, the Subaru Wagon is long gone, he’s risen to the ever growing challenge of the competition & stepped up his game for this years season.


“I’m so excited to be using a hatchback this year! I’ve wanted one for 2 years so this year we decided to go for it!!! Gymkhana is my sport and my life! Everything I do revolves around racing & the sport of gymkhana. Being there from the beginning, I’ve watched the sport grow and as any new Motorsport it needs help to progress. Along with my team we have ran events at Santa pod and with the support of Fueltopia helped create the brand new series Formula Gymkhana! 2016 is a huge year for the sport and with the help of this car & it being a lot newer & of a much higher standard of build than anything I’ve driven before, I hope it helps bring a new audience to FBS And FG. I can’t wait for the season to start and want to thank everyone involved that’s helped this dream become a reality!!! Always, dream too big!”

We are stoked to see so much passion & energy being put into a project, the Gymkhana movement has grown significantly over the past few years & this is just one of the cars that has us excited for what 2016 is going to bring.

Check out the video  to hear it all from Jake directly: