#Speedaintfree a movie you should watch

27th November 2016 — by JimmyDrama

I’m a big fan of Japanese car culture and one man, Luke Huxham, has an amazing eye and talent of bringing the best of it into film. His new offering #Speedaintfree won’t disappoint either.  While there are no english subtitles, the cinematic experience will resonate with any real-deal petrolhead and it certainly pushes all the right buttons.

This short film is part of a bigger DVD release and we’ll make sure to keep you posted.


Behind the lens #BattleDrift

25th March 2016 — by Fueltopia

If you thought filming a kickass drift edit was all fun and games, then you’d be… right. Check out the action behind the most-anticipated drift drop of 2015, Battle Drift, with out boy Vaughn Gittin Jr and Daigo Saito as they slay rubber, goof about and generally have a rad time.


Lamborghini Hura-gone

23rd March 2016 — by Fueltopia


I’m sure the owner of this Lamborghini Huracan wasn’t having the best Christmas day as it was pulled from the icy waters of a Northampton fishing lake. The reports suggest that the super car flipped went through the central reservation, flipping into its watery resting point. Both passengers, a man and woman, managed to clear the wreck swimming to shore.

A local councillor, Richard gell, was on the scene of the recovery and took the images shown. It’s a tragic sight and such a waste of one of the UK’s supercars – however we’re pleased that no one was hurt in the holiday season.