Burning Rubber in the Forest

20th July 2017 — by Dave Cox


93,000 steps walked, 40,000 people, 30,000 horsepower, 4 days, 1 event, Gatebil.


The Drako a car that demands respect

13th November 2016 — by JimmyDrama


You can tell a lot by what a person drives. Just sit back and look and you’ll soon be able to build up a character of the person by the automobile they drive. So, what type of person builds a car that at any given crank of it’s mechanical beating heart wants to kill you? Dimitriy Illyuk is no normal person and he gave birth to one of the World’s most vicious drift cars, The Drako.


The chassis is a master of illusion, they say that fear comes in many guises, this time the Nissan S14 has been over-hauled with the Rocket Bunny Boss kit. The end result is Japanese car that looks more like a US born Charger, that’s been jacked on an intensive steroid make over. Dark and moody in looks the beating heart of the re-worked V8 Nissan engine is where the business really gets interesting.


Over 1100hp is produced by the 2012 Nissan VK56DETT, the engine keeps true to the Drako’s JDM heritage, but is far from stock. Mahle Motorsport pistons, paired with Carillo rods replace the standard items. The block and head are forced together under restraint from ARP’s head and main studs and it’s thanks to BC’s uprated valve springs this engine barks like one of Satan’s hounds.



Fire spits from the external screamer pipes that poke through the bonnet like a pair of horns. The boost is triggered by a meaty pair of Garrett GTX3071R turbochargers.


While producing an engine with insane HP numbers is no easy feat, getting that to the wheels is also an alchemy art. OS Giken R4c clutch mated with a Drenth MPG gearbox, fully customised and with reinforced internals was the only option for the Ukrainian driver. After all he wasn’t building a street car to impress the locals – this build was summoning demons from another dimension.


After all this being a drift car, it needed insane lock. Wisefab front and rear Nissan S14 kit dons the car and works well with the Feal Suspension coilover kit.


This car is pure aggression, Illyuk, a driver that is close to taming the Drako, but when this car goes it’s always got a wild streak that can never be truly domesticated. Tyres last a matter of milliseconds when all the power from the good foot is engaged, but we Dmitiriy beams from ear-to-ear every time he drives it, could he be the gate-keeper to combustion’s hades?




1999 nissan 200sx s14a

Engine: 2012 Nissan vk56dett 1100hp Mahle motorsport pistons,Carillo rods, arp head and main studs, bc valve springs. 2x garrett gtx3071r turbochargers, 2x turbosmart powergate 60mm, 2x turbosmart raceport Bov’s, turbosmart fpr 2000, id2000 injectors , ais 3000 direct port water meth injection, ati race pulley.

Drivetrain: Os giken r4c clutch Tilton magnesium release bearing. Drenth MPG gearbox custom ordered reinforced internals. R230 differential with gtr shafts

Electronics: Vipec i88 Motec pdm16 Motec keypad Motec e888 can expander Link dash 2 pro Mil spec wiring and ecu maping and can programing by @afterfix

Suspension: Wisefab front and rear nissan kits Feal suspension coilovers

Exterior: Rocket Bunny Boss 2 kit

Interior: Rollcage by motorsportinheart S15lhd dash



I heart V8ters

20th April 2016 — by Fueltopia


Over the past two years, Steve’s all-black Nissan S-Body has been the feather-weight amongst the heavy-weights in an all out Royale Rumble of drift. The team of Abbey Motorsport/SB Motorsport had taken all their know-how to make the SR engined Japanese whip compete with Goliaths of Europe, often cars with double power figures being served a warming dish of door-bang by the old four cylinder engine.

Now there is a new block in place and it’s about to take the car to the next level, the SR has been wrenched from the engine bay and been replaced with a healthy serving of good ol’ fashioned American muscle, with GM’s LS3.

Not since Pearl Harbour, has there been such an explosive partnership of East and West – the engine is far from stock, while the base block is an LS the good people at Chris Jeanneret Racing have splurged their skills into good use. The heads been CNC ported and the stock valves have been upgraded to some slick titanium numbers, combined with high pressure double valve springs and titanium retainers – It’s enough to give the Terminator a chubby.

The CJR spec camshaft add a lumpy chug to that already distinguished sound of the hearty V8 thanks to its 239/242 duration.

The sparks and shocks of the electrical system are all controlled by AEM management, while a 150hp shot of Nitrous Express’s giggle juice just gives that engine the ability to deal out another serving of ka-pow when required!

While spinning on the rollers the dyno had a hard time to even give over the figures, but the print out had this beast pinned at a respectable 700hp and 750lb/ft of torque. In a car that is lighter than Jack Black’s rice cake collection, it’s going to be an unreal ride and a car that while looking the same, dishes out a whole new world of punishment.


Behind the lens #BattleDrift

25th March 2016 — by Fueltopia

If you thought filming a kickass drift edit was all fun and games, then you’d be… right. Check out the action behind the most-anticipated drift drop of 2015, Battle Drift, with out boy Vaughn Gittin Jr and Daigo Saito as they slay rubber, goof about and generally have a rad time.