The MX5 Takeover- Barrel Sprint Round 3

10th June 2018 — by Fueltopia Events


As dawn broke over Santa Pod Raceway a field of eager drivers set themselves up for a day of head to head battles. The new random barrel orders was drawn and this weekends see drivers take the course as 2 1 2 3 before the sprint to the finish.

With half of this weekends RWD field made up of MX5’s it seems to be becoming the popular choice of many to navigate the barrels. Its proving to also be very competitive against its higher powered rivals. It benefits from being small and nibble, to work its way along the confines of 14m wide track.

When the Barrel Sprint started back in 2010 the Mazda was not a considered a competitive machine for the competition but as the years have gone on a new generation of drivers have brought the cheaper route into motorsport to the top of the table.

The mornings practice session gave plenty of seat time and see times dropping in all classes with drivers regular checking the Icaris timing screen to check they were ahead of their rivals and we got to see some excellent driving by the field.

The AWD class were pushing each other all day but unfortunately after clutch issues, Michael Irwin who had been storming through practice setting one of the fastest times of the day, qualified 4th. He only continued into the finals hoping one of his competitors would make a mistake and a possible DNF.

Unfortunately for Irwin no mistakes were made and the other 3 drivers pushed each other to the limits to secure the top 3 podium places.

Jonathan ‘Bucky’ Buck seems to really be getting to grips with his Subarus new Nankang tyres and lead on both runs by 1 second over Andrew Stevens and secured his second top step podium win of the season.

In the U1 class the Biddles GBS Zero suffered some mechanical issues and Andy was unable to complete all his 4 qualifying runs. However this didn’t stop him taking the top qualifying position which sent him straight into the finals.

Nick Biddle and Mark Elder fought it out to go against Andy and with both making mistakes it wasn’t the cleanest fight but Mark was victorious. Andy and Mark lined up for the final and with setting his own PB of the day Mark took the win by 0.8 seconds. After missing round 1 that brings him that little bit closer to the brothers in the fight for the championship.

Our RWD competition see Top 16 battles bring Team Japs husband and wife fight it out on the asphalt, Terri is still getting to grips with her new S14 and had some troubles earlier in the day but did not give Mark an easy ride into the top 8.

A close battle was drawn between 14 year old Owen Dodwell and Robert Peat. Both new to the series for 2018, they are taking both the pressure and the course demands in their stride. A close battle see Dodwell take the win by 1.5 seconds over the 2 runs.

The closest battle of the top 8 see Neal Beagley in his MX5 push Mark Youngs S14 to the limit in both runs and only 0.6 seconds split the 2 drivers over both runs of the course. Young took the win to be the only non MX5 in the top 4 battles. Neals determination and performance over the day was noted by staff who awarded him with the Hardcharger award.

The top 4 of current Championship leader Ryan Milton and second place Mark Young were joined by Spencer Peacock and Richard Tickner for whom this was his first time in the top 4 battles.

Milton and Young lined up against each other in the top 4 battle and a barrel order mistake from Mark almost see him DNF. Although he realised before it was too late it was not enough to catch up with Ryan and see him face off with Tickner in the battle for 3rd. Tickner took the win making it a top 3 all driving MX5s.

Milton was joined by Spencer in the final after he took the win against Tickner. Ryans winning streak was not about to be broken however and he took a convincing win and another Samcosport trophy home for the cabinet!

Catch the next round in front of the Santa Pod crowds at Ultimate Street Car on August 4th.

AWD qualifying
  1. Jonathan Buck 27.661
  2. Dmitrij Sribnyj 28.519
  3. Andy Stevens 29.229
awd battles
  1. Jonathan Buck
  2. Andrew Stevens
  3. Dmitrij Sribnyj

  1. Andy Biddle 29.452
  2. Nick Biddle 29.934
  3. Mark Elder 30.05
u1 battles
  1. Mark Elder
  2. Andy Biddle
  3. Nick Biddle

rwd qualifying
  1. Ryan Milton 29.902
  2. Richard Tickner 30.425
  3. Spencer Peacock 30.618
rwd battles
  1. Ryan Milton
  2. Spencer Peacock
  3. Richard Tickner

Thanks to series sponsors for your continued support:

Samcosport, Icaris Race Solutions, JELF Motorsport, CTRL, HPI racing, Syclone signs and graphics, Aireshelta, Hel Performance and Ruislip Tyre Service

Photos : Craig Toull


Formula G Rocks Rockingham Raceway In Season Opener

10th May 2018 — by Fueltopia Events


Rockingham Motor Speedway placed host to Round 1 of Formula G, the UK’s largest Gymkhana series, last weekend. With a 40 strong racing field, incredible location, tropical weather, the scene was set for the ultimate race weekend.

This sport has been described as the future of Motorsport. Its fast paced, inch-perfect and comes down to fractions of a second as drivers battle head-to-head on mirrored tracks. Split over four classes, RWD, AWD, FWD & U1 (open wheeled), the timed results, gives it a true motorsport background. However, given its unique track designs, mix of driving styles, it’s a motorsport for the Millennium generation.

After a morning of practice, drivers get to dial in the layout and fastest ways to attack the track. It’s soon followed by qualification; each driver takes four runs (2 per side) and then the fastest times seed the drivers into the Top 16 battles. In RWD, it was Ryan Milton in his Mazda MX-5 that proved to be setting the pace with a 47.56 second lap. He was hotly followed by the current Gymkhana World Champion, Luke Woodham and his rival, Adam Elder.

Jonathan ‘Bucky’ Buck, brought some heat in the AWD class this weekend, dominating from the get-go and stamping his authority in the quali’s with a blistering 46.786. Andy Stevens, no stranger to the podium, brought in second hottest time, while followed by Michael Irwin and Scottish racer, Alan Drybrugh, didn’t allow the top 3 to distance themselves too far.

The U1 class had Its largest attendance since the sports conception, regular Gymkhana drivers, the Biddle Brothers, soon has some aggressive competition and it was John Moffatt that really brought the aggression and taking the number one spot in the qualifying rounds with a time of 47.595

The competition follows a tournament knock out system, as the drivers take on both sides of the track, scoring the lowest combined time over their rival. The driving requires inch-perfect car placement and under race pressure it’s then that the slightest error can lead to an upset in the results.

In RWD class Ryan Milton set himself as the one to watch, dispatching many drivers in the early rounds. However, it was his team mate, Adam Elder, who put stop to his perfect weekend. The global Gymkhana driver, turned up the heat and snatched up first place ahead of a giant field of contenders, piloting his Zestino Nissan S14 onto the top spot. Mike Newland, wasn’t far off the pace this weekend, narrowly escaping the top two spaces, but defending against Team Nankang’s, Phil Staniford, charge for the podium

In the AWD class, the perfect weekend did exist for Bucky. His eye assaulting, yellow, Subaru Impreza didn’t miss a beat and it served a dose of Gymkhana goodness and piloted the Bradford wheelman to the top spot.

ESL sponsored driver, Andy Stevens followed suit and claimed second and Michael Irwin kept third

Mark Elder, brother of Adam, also kept the family name proud in Gymkhana this weekend, he took second place in the U1 class against overall winner John Moffatt. While brothers Nick and Andrew fought for the 3rd and 4th respectively.

In the FWD class it was Andrew Lewin in his beast of a Micra that held off rival Ashley Roberts for the top step.

Rockingham sure made an impression on the drivers and fans and Formula G will be returning for a double header weekend with Round 2 on July 14th and Round 3 on July 15th, so time will tell to see if the cars and drivers minds can subject themselves to two full race days in one weekend.

CTRL TV will be broadcasting the racing action on both and Front Runner available on SKY, Virgin and FREESAT. For fans in the US, the race series wilL be shown on MAV TV.

Thanks to championship partners for helping to deliver these events; SamcoSport, Ruislip Tyres, Icaris Timing Solutions, CTRL, HPI racing, Hel Performance, Jelf Motorsport, Aireshelta Inflatables and Syclone signs and graphics.

Results tables:


Qualifying results

  • Ryan Milton
  • Luke Woodham
  • Adam Elder


  • Adam Elder
  • Ryan Milton
  • Mike Newland
  • Philip Staniford


Qualifying results

  • Jonathan Buck
  • Andy Stevens
  • Alan Dryburgh
  • Michael Irwin


  • Jonathan Buck
  • Andy Stevens
  • Michael Irwin
  • Alan Dryburgh


Qualifying results

  • John Moffatt
  • Andy Biddle
  • Mark Elder
  • Nick Biddle


  • John Moffatt
  • Mark Elder
  • Nick Biddle
  • Andy Biddle


Qualifying & Battles

  • Andy Lewin
  • Ashley Roberts

Hard Charger- Mike Newland

Team Challenge 2018

Phil Staniford & Kraigy Haughton-                  MonkeydriftUK                        14

Dmitrij Sribnyj & Jonathan Buck-                    Team SCR                                36

Terri Young & Devon Whines-                        Team JAPS                              10

Yordan Andreev and Andy Stevens-               ESL/LD                                     18

Ryan Milton & Richard Tickner-                     Moss Motorsport                    28

Matt Cant & Gavin Riddell-                            Whitehawk Racing                 15




Barrel Sprint season is open and the hunting has begun

23rd April 2018 — by Fueltopia Events


It’s the Mecca of car shows, the UK’s spiritual home of drag racing and the birth of European Gymkhana, Santa Pod can be the kindest and the most brutal of venues. This weekend luck was onside, and the opening season of the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint was granted sunshine and a whole bunch of amazing racing action.

Matt House returns to Barrel Sprint & Formula G in the Kode Nissan S14

While winter off-season has felt like it was never ending, it just made the return even sweeter. Fresh new liveries, partnerships and racers packed out the paddock on the top of Santa Pod’s exhibition space. While the series is now eight years old, the format was brand new. Rather than the 1-2-3 Barrel Sprint, racers had to combo a sequence to get through, 2-3-1-3 and complete both sides of the track for a now combined time.

Phil Staniford took P1 in Qualifying in his Mazda Mx-5

While the skill set is neat, tidy and fast, the mix up of barrel sequence brought out new attributes and strengths to the cars. In Qualification the Mazda Army still kept strong with Team Monkey Drift’s, Phil Staniford, taking P1. Hotly followed up by Ryan Milton in P2, Mike Newland, Team JAPS, in P3 and his team mate, Mark Young in P4.

Family wagon – Subaru Impreza piloted by Ben & Alan Dryburgh

The AWD class had grown too in the wintery months. A few RWD racers have decided to jump up a class and challenge those at the top of the tables. It was 16-year-old, Ben Dryburgh, who turned up in his father’s Subaru Impreza. While it’s still remarkable that this young-gun racer is still at school, it was also his first race outing in the AWD machine and he snatched P6 position a mere 3.7 seconds off the most decorated Gymkhana driver in European history, Dmitri Sribnyj who unsurprisingly took P1. Bucky and his eye assaulting Impreza tailed hard on the heavy-weight champ in P2 just 0.01 seconds off pace, while Andy Stevens hassled the top two with P3 and Michael Irwin caused concern in P4.

GBS Zero proving to be the ultimate Gymkhana weapon

In the U1 class, our Unlimited open wheel division, the battle was brotherly, and love was not lost when the visor snapped shut on the Biddle brothers – Andy found some marginal fraction of seconds in their GBS Zero over brother Nick – but this will be a battle that will rage all season and hopefully a class that will find some formidable challengers in this impressive power-to-weight division.

While the Barrel Sprint is short and fast, a perfect training ground for car control and driver training, the action that unfolded this weekend was nothing short of gargantuan.

Event winner Ryan Milton’s MX5 has it’s eye on the Championship

Each battle was split by just 100ths of a second and the new running format gave the fans a lot more to keep them entertained. While each driver drove hard and fast, the clocks don’t lie and while you couldn’t call it by eye, the Portatree Timing System brought out some big results.

In the RWD Class, Ryan Milton, fought off everyone and landed himself the top spot position and his first win in the Barrel Sprint and a new SamcoSport trophy for the cabinet – a great season opener for him and a driver to watch. Mark Young, a name that is infamous in the paddock for getting cars and other drivers on the steps, also joined Ryan on the podium with his first finish on the steps of glory. Mike Newland followed suit and snatched up third position.

AWD class brought some stand-up battles and the big hitters, Sribnyj and Bucky, brought such an exciting showdown. Bucky took advantage of the quicker right hand lane and went into the lane switch ahead of the seasoned Champ. But, then the Nuclear driving force of Sribnyj turned up and then set a decimating time in response and sealed the deal for the top spot. Andy Stevens and Michael Irwin fought hard and it looked like Irwin fought the car as well as Stevens on the asphalt, allowing the ESL Subaru to claim third.

Spoils of war, Samco Sport Trophies look awesome for 2018

The teams and drivers won’t get long now till round two at Rockingham Motor Speedway on May 05 ahead of the Formula G opener on May 06 – will you be amongst the drivers?

Thanks to all our sponsors for continued support in the 2018 season: CTRL, SamcoSport, HPI- racing, Icaris, Ruislip Tyres, Jelf Motorsport Insurance, Hel Performance, Syclone Signs and Graphics and Aireshelta






1-    Phil Staniford (33.279 Q)

2-    Ryan Milton

3-    Mike Newland

4-    Mark Young


1-    Ryan Milton

2-    Mark Young

3-    Mike Newland

4-    Philip Staniford


Qualifying & Battles

1-    Dmitrij Sribnyj (31.905 Q)

2-    Jonathan Buck

3-    Andy Stevens

4-    Michael Irwin



Qualifying & Battles

1-    Andy Biddle (33.321 Q)

2-    Nick Biddle


Hard Charger- Richard Tickner

Team Challenge 2018

Philip Staniford & Kraigy Haughton             MonkeydriftUK            (6+4)    10

Dmitrij Sribnyj & Jonathan Buck        Team SCR                    (10+8) 18

Terri Young & Devon Whines                        Team JAPS                   (3+3)    6

Yordan Andreev and Andy Stevens              ESL/LD                         (4+7)    11

Ryan Milton & Richard Tickner                     Team Moss                     (10+4) 14


Behind the scenes: Formula G Pilot TV Show

18th November 2017 — by Fueltopia Events


Back in July the Fueltopia event team headed to Rockingham Motor Speedway to host their first event at the iconic racing venue.

Taking over the entire outer paddock the Formula G, Gymkhana track was set out and the sun shone on for what was set to be an epic day of head to head racing.

Not only was this venue a first for Formula G, we also held a competition to give drivers and supporters the chance to design the track. Some great designs were entered but our winning track was drawn by Philip Staniford of Monkey Drift.

Photographers and Videographers are common place in the paddock and track side at events, capturing all the action, but on this occasion we sent Fueltographer Dave Cox to Rockingham to capture a behind the scenes look at what, new to full scale motorsport broadcast media team CTRL was getting up to at round 4.

CTRL the team behind RC Racing TV contacted us earlier this year with a vision of using their expertise gained in producing programs about radio controlled cars to create a new pilot for a TV show all about Gymkhana. They see it as the new breakthrough in racing and something different to what is currently shown on many motoring channels.

When first looking at this project, Mat the director said “As soon as we saw the events that Fueltopia did we loved how exciting, accessible and ‘real’ the racing was, we cant wait to show this to everyone else too”. Kitted up with 5 cameramen, 3 high rise platforms and our very own Nigel Pope on the mic, we were extremely excited to see what this could become.

The team was there to capture everything they could and turn it into a pilot TV show soon to be released on national channels.

On completion of the project Mat is looking ahead to an exciting year and working together with the Fueltopia event team. “Making the pilot was a blast” he said” the whole Formula G team and the racers have been awesome to work with and we are ready to share the excitement and serve more of this up to viewers in 2018″

So make yourself a cup of tea, click the link below, enjoy the next 24 minutes of Formula G Round 4 action and if this makes you want to join us as a driver or spectator next year drop Becci our event manager an email with any queries and follow our facebook page for 2018 updates





Street Track Life 2 – Drive Harder

16th August 2017 — by Connor Mathieson


Street Track Life is the full on Japan themed event that brings the best of the best from around the UK to Driftland to perform savage stunts and have an epic load of fun.

This year STL was attended by a few youtubers. Toby (Monkey London) was at last years STL in his missile Soarer. This time he brought his monstrous D1SL S15 which unfortunately caught fire after his first session. From what I hear, this isn’t the first time it’s caught fire either. A massive shame as from his one session he was doing big pulls down the wall and by god can that car move. Easily on par with full on BDC/IDC competition spec drift cars. Something you might expect from an ex D1SL car.

Adam Ivell (6TWO1) came up in his nice S15 as well. Really enjoying the colour of his car, it’s a fairly different colour to what you typically see in drift cars.

Lastly Chris (ChrisDrift) brought his awesome GT86, my first time seeing one drift in person and I must say it’s such a cool sounding car! Think of a slightly quieter Subaru Impreza smashing limiter and there you have it. One of my favourite cars of the event to watch getting thrown around.

The variety of cars at STL is what really makes the event so great. One minute you can have 3-4 MX5’s running together, 15 minutes later they are back out chasing down cars with double their power and grip.

On the 2nd day the AE86’s were out. Still to this day there is nothing that makes me as excited as when there is 2 or more 86’s on track screaming their heads off. For STL there was a total of 5, 4 from Ireland and Mr Finalboss in one of his 86’s.

Dan Joyce was chasing down Danny Whyman in what must have been the 2nd or 3rd session of the event. This kind of driving right off the start is what makes the event so fun to shoot and I imagine to spectate. From the word go you have people pushing their cars and running together with other people. This does of course come down to either bravery or just full trust in the person your following. Though I guess if you have no trust in someone your following, why follow at all.

This is my 2nd time seeing the Stylecase guys out on track and its so good to watch them. It immediately obvious that these guys are friends and drift together a lot. Evident from their constant close proximity driving with one another.

Dan from Destroy or Die and Goodboi Style Freddie were showing of their sick new team livery. I’ve always been a fan of livery’s on drift cars but only a certain style per say. This style is the one I think is most noticeable as a Japanese style livery. Flat colour cars with chrome vinyl. It’s Always been something i’d picture when thinking back to older Japanese drifting and its awesome to see it traverse over the sea’s and be well done at that.

Low Origins Alex and Dan were putting down some really nice runs on the first day, it’s a shame Alex had issues with the car and didn’t end up driving on the 2nd day. I’m fairly sure every time these guys have came up one of them has had massively bad luck with their cars and only gotten a short amount of seat time.

The Launder’s were out in their awesome Type X S13’s. I believe Kane in the red S13 was having issue with the car earlier in the first day of STL so it was nice to see them both out on track together.

Steve Saunders has always been someone fun to watch. The thing that always gets me going with Steve is his entries. Coming down the wall he enters 3-4 car lengths further back than anyone else and carries a huge drift from the back end of the wall all the way through the next corner, it’s really something to behold.

In this photo hes already on the wall and been on drift for a few seconds where Dan’s only just started his drift. It might not seem like a significant thing to mention but when you stand and watch him do it for 5 minutes straight, it just oozes massive amounts of aggression.

Will Crashcroft brought his little MX5 up for STL, had been looking forward to seeing Will do some stunts and have a few crashes and he didn’t disappoint.

I was standing watching him over the course of about 10 minutes get progressively closer to wall and had a pretty good feeling he was about to make contact.

he did make contact. Throwing the front of the car into the wall and running straight into the gravel. Surprisingly the damage was fairly light, a dented rear quarter that Freddie the wizard sorted in no time and a small dent to the front of the car.

Here’s a little GIF of the crash!

A huge part of STL that makes it so enjoyable as an event is the general atmosphere. Whenever you come of track for a bit you end up spending half an hour walking around talking to everyone having a laugh.

It’s actually one of the more enjoyable aspects of the event as a whole, the driving part is great but the atmosphere you get walking around the pits hanging out with everyone just has a nice chill vibe to it that I think in some sense should be what sums up drifting in general, in terms of non competition events at least.

Although the guys at GarageFuckHouse have been doing an amazing job of providing a similar vibe to STL in a competition aspect.

STL 2 was a great event, chill vibes and some sick driving for the 2 days. It’s one of those event where if you like nicely styled Japanese drift cars running in trains of 3+ cars, it’s certainly the event that needs to be on your calendar for next year.

Photos and words by Connor Mathieson