Offline at the Ace Cafe

19th December 2016 — by Dave Cox


It’s the second Monday of December and the last of this year’s Fueltopia Offline meet. Sure it’s dark, cold outside but it is only a short walk to your car, your chariot to the petrolhead venue that is the Ace Cafe.


For us this is great opportunity to catch up with old friends, make new ones and discover new cars. It has also served us well as a way of discovering feature cars. You may remember from one of the meets at the beginning of the year (this one)  that we came across Ash’s Soarer which we then featured. 


At this event we got to meet our latest recruit Kim Pham who has since made his first appearance here on our site with a post about the Winter Teddy Bear Run. It is always nice to meet fellow contributors on our site, although we all march under the same banner, we rarely get the chance to spend time with each other. It was nice to give him a warm welcome.


Grabbing a coffee and walking around the parking lot, it was nice to see the ever changing variety of cars on show. This month there was more R34 Skylines that I have seen here before ranging from stock all the way to drift specification.


Also in the mix was Monty’s stunning Charger RT which I must admit to not getting many pictures of. We were too busy talking about his plans for his awesome truck which we have seen a few times before. We hope to bring you a feature on that later next year once it has undergone some *ahem* subtle tweaks.


However, sitting over to one side being anything but subtle was the awesome Team Galag Mercedes AMG GTs. We had to go in for a closer look and yes, we will be bringing you a feature in the new year. Keep your eyes peeled. And maybe cover your ears, it is a little on the loud side.


If you fancy joining us, come down to the Ace Cafe every second Monday of each month. But for now, enjoy the gallery.

Words & Pictures: Dave Cox (Shooting Dave)


We’re going ‘offline’

23rd March 2016 — by Fueltopia


Words: Jimmy Drama Images: Dave Cox & Dan Fegent

Each month Fueltopia is going offline with it’s friends at London’s petrolhead venue of choice, the Ace Café.

Taking the helm of the old Petrolhead Nirvana meet, the Offline event will stay true to it’s roots and to those who made the pilgrimage each month to talk horsepower, handling and top speed figures. It’s an eclectic mix of metal that fills the 50 strong car park of the old biker hotspot. Supercars rub shoulders with hotrods and driftcars spark life into classics that don the asphalt area.


If you want to join us, then we will be a regular feature on the second Monday of each month (next meet February 09 2016) The front of the café will be reserved for offline feature cars, but the rest of the carpark will be open and on a first come, first park basis.

Check out the meet page on our Facebook channel