Luke Fink’s V10 E46 M3 sounds unbelievable

1st February 2017 — by Black Flagged

Australian Luke Fink has never been one to shy away from the limelight. His character is larger than  life, BMX’er turned global drift phenomena, he always manages to grab the attention whether it be developing his own drift series, DCA, or in this instance his insane BMW E46 V10 M3.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 15.55.49

If you happen to be a drifting fan, you may have noticed that in recent global events, the cars loaned to Fink haven’t seemed to come up to scratch. However, that has all changed on his most recent trip out to Yas Marina in the UAE for the King of `Nations event. Tuning group, Kinetechnik, managed to shoe-horn in a massive s85 V10 engine into an E46 M3. It was like the first mating of jam and peanut butter – this Fink,  V10, partnership was set to blow minds and with that the internet was won. Fink’s impressive driving style and that V10 song has had petrolheads, globally, lapping up every video they can find to get another fix.

Thanks to our bro’s at Crank & Piston who have managed to put together maybe the best all round video of this amazing sounding drift car.

If you’ve not done so already, you’ll want to listen to this!

I can only hope that we might see more V10’s emerge into drift, in a sport that has as much importance on style and sound as technical skill it would really amazing for fans to hear the scream of a high revving V10 tear around again


Bonkers Renault Kangoo

31st January 2017 — by Black Flagged

I love a van,  I can’t lie. Despite getting to drive some decent cars throughout my time in the motoring press, there is just something about a good van that really floats my boat.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 21.29.36

Now imagine my  excitement when I caught this video of this bonkers Renault Kangoo built by  the Andersson brothers on the Bilsport website

The stock 1.5 dci engine has been cast aside and replaced with a Mercedes OM606 turbo diesel engine. To us laymen thats a 3.0-litre, straight 6, turbo charged beast, that came in the Mercedes W210. The brothers haven’t left it stock, they’ve changed  the turbo and now have the executive car engine screaming out an impressive 4-500hp

To cope with the power, the rear axle of the  French mini-van has been switched to a tried and tested Volvo 940 set up

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 21.30.42

Source: Bilsport



Essen Motor Show the 49th Edition! | 2016

8th December 2016 — by Hans van der Vleuten


Every year a few weeks before Christmas a huge Performance Festival takes place in Essen, Germany. Around 360.000 enthusiastic motoring fans from around the globe made their way to the 49th edition of the Essen Motor Show. A lot of brands showed their newest, better or fastest creations. Together with a huge hall filled with the most beautiful and exotic classics and the action arena, it was another fully packed show. Over 500 exhibitors showed and sold their cars and products.


Liberty walk filled a huge stand with their most loved cars. Most noteworthy to say that these cars are on their way to the UK as we speak.


Rauh-Welt Germany brought the bright purple FURUSATO 911.


It’s still a normal sight to see loads of goodies getting sold at the show. KW therefore introduced their new coilover set.


Of course a Rocket Bunny car needed to be present. This purple Fairlady is a clean example.


Loads and loads of BMW’s. Because Germany…

Don’t want to miss it next year? Grab your agenda and make room for the bigger and more exciting 50th edition of Essen Motor Show! 1-10 December 2017



From Humble Beginnings, the Revo Audi A3

22nd March 2016 — by Fueltopia

Revo Audi A3
Revo Audi A3 Interior

Words & Pics: Dave Cox - Additional pics: Mike Newland

Think of the Audi A3, what springs to mind? Is it heal-toeing your way to the next apex, managing the boost from your big turbo whilst leaning heavily on your Bilstein Clupsport Coilovers all the while showing up other track day users? I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that it isn’t.

Most of you, like me, I’m guessing think of the A3 as a well built, sensible run about which is also decent to drive. A car you trust, loyal, reliable. Small enough to make inner city parking a synch but roomy enough to take your wife, kids and the dog to the beach. You get the picture don’t you, and if not I’ll spell it out for you. Forgettable, it’s forgettable.

What Revo have done here is take your average run-of-the-mill grocery getter and turned it into big red shouty cherry bomb. A vehicle that even when parked makes it’s presence known. Walking up to the not so subtle blood red clad car you can start to see tell-tell signs that this car means business.

The RS3 kit, the seemingly cavernous air intakes, the big 19inch alloys wrapped in Dunlop Sportmaxx tyres all start to reveal themselves as you approach, closer inspection unearths the deep bespoke Cobra Suzuka pro FT seats and the MSA/FIA approved roll cage. This car has purpose.


To understand what we are looking at here, we really need to know this cars origins. Starting life or ending it’s previous life as a high mileage pre facelift 2.0T Quattro A3 with a manual transmission Revo treated it a whole host of upgrades. As with many builds, you need an end goal. 500Bhp+ was the gauntlet laid down.

This lofty goal makes the choice of donor car all the more clear as it was essentially the drive train that was important here and buying an S3 with have been both costly and wasteful as most of it, including the nice bits would be thrown away. The aforementioned high mileage engine was given a new lease of life. By which I mean they chucked it out and got a fully built tall block from the US.

Once the patient had recovered from pretty major heart surgery it was off to the Revo catalogue to see what they had in their arsenal to catapult this build to their lofty goal. Along with course of revamping the engine they had the chance to redevelop some of their products seeking out any improvements they could.

2 years down the road, with cut knuckles recovering, Paul and his team stood back and admired their creation. I like to think on the first turn of the key, as the engine burst into life, that someone stood back, baring teeth and bellowed “It’s alive, IT’S ALLLLLLIIIIIIIVVVEEEE”. But the truth is I don’t know, it probably didn’t happen. Infact what more likely happened is the constant professionals that they are probably nodded approvingly and went back to drinking their tea.


So who was going to drive it? Well Paul tells me that would be him because “…I am the best equipped, most experience and an all-round driving god! The reality is, I pulled rank and I’m one of the few that can legally pull a trailer”. Well that sorts it. Paul was kind enough to reach out to Fueltopia and invite us down to Bedford Autodrome to get to know this little monster.

You might expect a short wheel base, 4 wheel drive, big turbo, high power track car to be a handful out on track. Especially in conditions such as this soaking wet November weekend but Revo had taken care of that too. The Wavetrak diff and Bilstein clubsports made sure the 550NM of Torque didn’t break free whilst the hard work they had put into managing throttle response help ensure that the driveability wasn’t compromised. The big Garrett GTX3071R turbo will naturally be a little more laggy but this just requires a different driving style, carrying more speed through corners to manage the boost.

You’ve got to hand it to Kev Brown, their in house technician, he really knows how to take a boring, bone stock Audi and through the application of knowledge and right parts, created this hilariously fast Audi.

Audi Tuner (Magazine) were there shooting it for a feature and were more than accommodating to use and let us get in on the action too. This would be great for me as I get to see another photographers perspective on the shoot and grab some behind the scenes of Adam (photographer for Audi Tuner) working away.

With fellow ‪#‎Fueltographer‬ Mike Newland with me, it was a lot of fun working alongside the guys from Audi Tuner and Revo. Getting to spend time with the team and photographers, watching the action out on track. I must say it was a lot of fun watching it upset a lot of “faster” cars out there. You should check out their feature which is out now! Thanks to Revo for inviting us down, thanks to Audi Tuner for being so welcoming to us and a special thanks to Bedford Autodrome for letting us use your fantastic facilities. If you are at Autosport next weekend, make sure you swing by Hall 19 Stand 19230 and say hello to the guys at Revo.

Spec list:

Revo Stage4 Performance Software
Big turbo kit Garrett GTX3071R
ATP Manifold
Revo Built Engine using Carrillo rods and pistons
Scorpion Turbo back exhaust
Revo Intake kit
Revo Runner Flap delete kit
HPFP and upgrade
RS4 injectors
TTRS low pressure fuel pump
TTRS fuel pump ECU
Revo catch can kit
Revo Boost tap kit
Revo Throttle pipe
Revo Engine mounts
Forge Motorsport Silicone hose kit
NGK Spark plugs BKR8EIX

Bilstein clubsport coilovers
Eibach ARB’s front and rear
Powerflex black series bushes
Wavetrack LSD
Spec clutch and flywheel
Revo Big brakes
Revo RV019 alloys with Dunlop Sportmaxx tyres

Custom Cages MSA/FIA spec. multipoint weld in roll cage
Bespoke Cobra Suzuka pro gt seats
Bespoke Cobra harness and pad kit
RS3 style body kit; wider front arches, increased airflow through the bumper
Gauges(boost/EGT/OT/AFR), fire extinguisher kit, steering wheel, battery, DV+ supplied by Demontweeks