Night Sessions – Rich Maguire

12th October 2017 — by Dave Cox


This week in night sessions…

…Rich Maguire and his STi Gravel Express. No, that isn’t a typo. This was a genuine development car for STi.

Rich had brought himself down to the Fueltopia monthly Offline Meet at the Ace Cafe second Monday of each month if you’re wondering. I had seen it there a few times before and always nodded in approval as I passed it.

On this particular meet, sat there under the sodium arch lights of the Ace Cafe my penchant for fast wagons spiked. Knowing of a cool location round the corner, Phil and I went inside to find Rich. He happily handed over the keys and, we were off.

As this is a STi development vehicle it is running full pink STi suspension, and with a mild tune, around 350bhp. Rich set about making some other improvements both visually and performance focused. 355mm Porcshe brakes, fifteen52 carbon wheels, cusco coilovers, and ABW wide arch kit.

Feeling the car as we drove over speed bumps, the suspension wasn’t crashy at all, you could certainly cruise around in this as well as hoon it around a track. This is exactly what he does with it. He’s even driven it to Gatebil and back. I love the classic lines of this car. The added width and lower ride height really help make it look aggressive.

I wonder if he would let me borrow it for a drive up to Wales?

Oh and if you want to see a bigger feature, check out Dan Fegent’s feature on it HERE

Words & Pictures: Dave Cox (SHOOTINGDAVE)
Instagram: @ShootingDave


Wagon Ov Doom

13th April 2016 — by Fueltopia


Photos & words by Dan Fegent

Burbling away as its being moved into position for these shots. I’m reminded at this time that you can’t deny that the boxer flat four sounds just as fantastic idling as it does all the way up its rev range.

This isn’t the usual Subaru build though, no McRae tribute stickers here or blue paint with the seemingly obligatory gold wheels, nope this one is certainly not like any other. It’s unique, in fact it is the only Gravel Express Subaru STi built by Prodrive!

Making this one extra special & it’s also a well used veteran of a machine, scoring it even more points on the board of ultimate radness. A long term project of Ruislip Tyres owner Rich Maguire. A build that has had setbacks like any other other over the years but one that he’s always come back to. It’s as near complete as a project can be right now & all of us here think that it looks rad.

‘The Wagon of doom’ is its nick name & its not one of those projects Rich has left sat on a drive way or in a lockup, this one has been used. It even made its way to Gatebil Rudskogen, Norway in 2014, taking on that several thousand kilometre mad road trip with ease.

Back here in the UK its daily run, happily sitting at home behind the Ruislip Tyres workshop. Its an ideal blend of performance & practicality. Ok so it’s not pushing big numbers power wise, however draped in its stickers & memorabilia picked up over the years, not to mention sitting pretty on its carbon dipped fifteen52s its a total looker & stands out in a crowd.

Not going in to too much detail here on this car as we just want to show this creation off, appreciate what it is for what it is, a non conformist & breaker of the usual styling mold. We fully approve this build.