2nd Motorshow Torrefarrera

12th April 2019 — by Ruben Langa


I have resumed the season with the Torrefarrera Motorshow. It was the weekend of March 16, and of course, it was a good day. The event was a charity event to support the investigation of rare diseases, such as CDKL5.

Torrefarrera is a town near Lleida. The council gave part of an industrial estate to the organization, which secured the route and enabled a pit area where the pilots could fix the setbacks and rest.

In the boxes we could see new faces like Llebot and Karly, and some reappearances such as Xus Carrasco, Balty and Xavi Puente, who had not seen it for a long time if it was not on a trackday, and introduced us to “La Compactadora”, an E36 compact that seems easy to drive in his hands. We could also enjoy more than well-known drivers, Joan Caballer, Alicia Rodriguez and Ruben Martín, who does not leave anyone indifferent with their E36 Touring V8.

Perhaps the coolest thing is to see the riders who are becoming everyday regulars in Spain as Marc Huertes, Jordi Torres and Marc Vives, each with their own style. I would like to make a special mention to the organization for giving us a day of drift in which everyone could enjoy the circuit with a few laps as co-pilot for charity.



Street Track Life 2 – Drive Harder

16th August 2017 — by Connor Mathieson


Street Track Life is the full on Japan themed event that brings the best of the best from around the UK to Driftland to perform savage stunts and have an epic load of fun.

This year STL was attended by a few youtubers. Toby (Monkey London) was at last years STL in his missile Soarer. This time he brought his monstrous D1SL S15 which unfortunately caught fire after his first session. From what I hear, this isn’t the first time it’s caught fire either. A massive shame as from his one session he was doing big pulls down the wall and by god can that car move. Easily on par with full on BDC/IDC competition spec drift cars. Something you might expect from an ex D1SL car.

Adam Ivell (6TWO1) came up in his nice S15 as well. Really enjoying the colour of his car, it’s a fairly different colour to what you typically see in drift cars.

Lastly Chris (ChrisDrift) brought his awesome GT86, my first time seeing one drift in person and I must say it’s such a cool sounding car! Think of a slightly quieter Subaru Impreza smashing limiter and there you have it. One of my favourite cars of the event to watch getting thrown around.

The variety of cars at STL is what really makes the event so great. One minute you can have 3-4 MX5’s running together, 15 minutes later they are back out chasing down cars with double their power and grip.

On the 2nd day the AE86’s were out. Still to this day there is nothing that makes me as excited as when there is 2 or more 86’s on track screaming their heads off. For STL there was a total of 5, 4 from Ireland and Mr Finalboss in one of his 86’s.

Dan Joyce was chasing down Danny Whyman in what must have been the 2nd or 3rd session of the event. This kind of driving right off the start is what makes the event so fun to shoot and I imagine to spectate. From the word go you have people pushing their cars and running together with other people. This does of course come down to either bravery or just full trust in the person your following. Though I guess if you have no trust in someone your following, why follow at all.

This is my 2nd time seeing the Stylecase guys out on track and its so good to watch them. It immediately obvious that these guys are friends and drift together a lot. Evident from their constant close proximity driving with one another.

Dan from Destroy or Die and Goodboi Style Freddie were showing of their sick new team livery. I’ve always been a fan of livery’s on drift cars but only a certain style per say. This style is the one I think is most noticeable as a Japanese style livery. Flat colour cars with chrome vinyl. It’s Always been something i’d picture when thinking back to older Japanese drifting and its awesome to see it traverse over the sea’s and be well done at that.

Low Origins Alex and Dan were putting down some really nice runs on the first day, it’s a shame Alex had issues with the car and didn’t end up driving on the 2nd day. I’m fairly sure every time these guys have came up one of them has had massively bad luck with their cars and only gotten a short amount of seat time.

The Launder’s were out in their awesome Type X S13’s. I believe Kane in the red S13 was having issue with the car earlier in the first day of STL so it was nice to see them both out on track together.

Steve Saunders has always been someone fun to watch. The thing that always gets me going with Steve is his entries. Coming down the wall he enters 3-4 car lengths further back than anyone else and carries a huge drift from the back end of the wall all the way through the next corner, it’s really something to behold.

In this photo hes already on the wall and been on drift for a few seconds where Dan’s only just started his drift. It might not seem like a significant thing to mention but when you stand and watch him do it for 5 minutes straight, it just oozes massive amounts of aggression.

Will Crashcroft brought his little MX5 up for STL, had been looking forward to seeing Will do some stunts and have a few crashes and he didn’t disappoint.

I was standing watching him over the course of about 10 minutes get progressively closer to wall and had a pretty good feeling he was about to make contact.

he did make contact. Throwing the front of the car into the wall and running straight into the gravel. Surprisingly the damage was fairly light, a dented rear quarter that Freddie the wizard sorted in no time and a small dent to the front of the car.

Here’s a little GIF of the crash!

A huge part of STL that makes it so enjoyable as an event is the general atmosphere. Whenever you come of track for a bit you end up spending half an hour walking around talking to everyone having a laugh.

It’s actually one of the more enjoyable aspects of the event as a whole, the driving part is great but the atmosphere you get walking around the pits hanging out with everyone just has a nice chill vibe to it that I think in some sense should be what sums up drifting in general, in terms of non competition events at least.

Although the guys at GarageFuckHouse have been doing an amazing job of providing a similar vibe to STL in a competition aspect.

STL 2 was a great event, chill vibes and some sick driving for the 2 days. It’s one of those event where if you like nicely styled Japanese drift cars running in trains of 3+ cars, it’s certainly the event that needs to be on your calendar for next year.

Photos and words by Connor Mathieson




Spanish paddock , part 1/2

28th June 2017 — by Ruben Langa


A short walk along the spanish drift paddock. Cars, drivers and battle for the first podium spot.

The Spanish paddock grows at a speed that is impossible to follow. This year I have attended two rounds of Open Slalom Drift, our national competition, one in Miranda de Ebro and another in Valencia. In parallel with the second round, the infamous King of Europe. The progression is very clear in the improvement of the cars and drivers.

The first improvement are the categories AM and Semipro. Here, these categories comprise of stock cars which has created a rivalry between atmospheric and turbo that has been forged with time. In the first round, the podium was for naturally aspirated BMW’s, Aitor Galan , followed by Diego Sáez and in third, Aitor Sánchez.

The PRO category is booked on cars with swap, wide direction angle, bodywork of fibre, etc. All types of projects where we found the guys from Drifting Barcelona, a BMW orda with V8 engines. These included Oscar Ruiz’s Subaru Viper, a pilot who has greatly improved in the past two years and Jonathan Hernandez, champion of the OSD last year riding on the spectacular e46 LS (white). 

If we go by the paddock, our attention is immediately drawn to the brothers Caballer, Joan drives a s13 RB25 (white/blue), second last year in OSD, in his Palm can be proud of his second place in the Spanish round of the KOE 3 years ago. Xavier leads a s13 ca18 in Semipro and his driving skills grows day by the day.

If we look for brothers, we find the Angels Team Drift , Ivan Bolaños in SEMIPRO with an e36 M3 and Ruben Bolaños in PRO with an e46 2JZ(white/orange). Ruben came up to the second spot on the podium in Miranda de Ebro after some of the tightest battles that I have seen in a while. 

One of the most established of veterans is Alberto Canedo, facing monsters like the previous ones with an e30 M3 Enekos since my first time on a circuit, below the average of horses but compensating with spectacular driving.

 No more than two steps in and we can find the winner of the first Round, David Infantes. He is a veteran of the Championship, driving an s13 by a small circuit school close to Igualada. One day he surprised me with a PS13 LS (black/green/white). Personally this is one of the best car/pilot combos in that paddock, I couldn’t take as many photos as I would’ve liked because he lives away of my town but he is my favorite for this season. 

Check back very soon for the second part of my coverage with more pilots and photos of the last two Rounds including the King Of Europe.

Bonus pics:

_MG_5093 copia


The X-Visions Fueled UK car culture

18th December 2016 — by JimmyDrama

I love the creative flair that’s busting out of the UK scene at the minute and none more than ‘Fueled’ by The X-Visions. The mix of done and first person shooting is rad! Combine the decent mix of camera work and the 4K quality with flame spitting Supra’s and Subaru WRx’s then you’ll get the picture. However, you don’t need someone like myself telling you about the video, hit play and take a look at what goes down after dark in every major town in the UK.



Made In The ’80s – Loved By The Ladies

13th April 2016 — by Fueltopia


Words and pics: Dave Cox -

I make no secret of being particularly fond of cars from the ’80s. Those of you who know me personally will attest that I am not that fond of modern cars. It is something about the straight boxy lines and the raw driving experience that appeals to me.

So when Ash, attended one of Fueltopia’s offline meets at the Ace Cafe, it is safe to say that I was pretty shocked when I saw his car. I’m not even going to pretend that I knew what it was and I am willing to bet on first glance, you might not either. With less than a handful of these cars on our shores it is definitely the lesser known Soarer.

What we have here is a 1987 Z20 MkII Toyota Soarer – a two litre, twin turbo’s rectangle on wheels – AND I LOVE IT! For me this ticks so many boxes, it’s long and sleek and designed with ample use of a ruler. Factor into the equation the noises it makes and we have a winning formula.

I feel that way and evidentially, so did Ash, who interestingly enough, never set out to acquire a MkII Soarer. He was looking for his first car to break out onto the scene with and had his sights set on a S14a with the intention of building it to be a showcar. It was during his scouring of the internet where he happened, by chance, to stumble across a freshly imported Z20 with only 52k miles on the clock!!

It was at that time he knew he had to have it, there was but one hitch, being in the Navy, he was out to sea for 9 months so he couldn’t actually go and see it. With frustration building he couldn’t let it slip so he got his friend Aaron to go and view it. A quick test drive and an email later, Ash was staring at this reply “Get this now! The amount of heads it was turning was unreal and how it drove it felt like a new modern car.”


That was it, Ash literally couldn’t wait, the deposit was paid and so begun that agonising wait. During which all the usual doubts and thoughts started circulating. What if he has bought a lemon and a long with inspiration and ideas of what to do with the car. An uncomortable cocktail of ideas when you can’t do anything about it.

It was a further two weeks until his mid-deployment leave when he could fly from Cape Town, SA back to England to go and stand in front of his latest acquisition. All fears were shed and now the excitement could being. Sure the paint wasn’t in the best condition but Ash had bigger plans.

Driving the car back he knew he had made the right decision, not only did he love the car but people were breaking necks to get a look at it. He enjoyed his 10 day ownership before handing the car off to Mission Motorsport to get painted whilst he had to return out to sea.

The torture of not being able to be with car and having thoughts swimming around his head of what the final look would be went on for a further 3 months until mid-December 2015. Mission Motorsport had sent pictures of what the new paint looked like but as I found out with this car, nothing beats standing in front of it and seeing the 20% purple paint job up close. Personally I feel it suits the car to a tee.

Whilst working my way around the car and shooting it, I couldn’t help but pick up on the small details.

Things like the factory window visors with the Soarer branding really were nice touches.

The rear spoiler was both big enough to make a statement but also small enough to not spoil the lines of the car.

The way this thing sat really set the whole look off. Ash tells me there is more left in the coilovers but the exhaust is currently 1cm off the ground and it is already showing signs of abuse.


Well you might think “so what, it’s a show car” well you see this is where things get a little more interesting. Being Ash’s only car, this is his daily. And whilst driving around looking for locations, he really isn’t afraid of driving it and treats like anyone would their daily. HERO!

Future plans for this car are to get the SSR SpeedStar MkI wheels refurbished and get some custom bolts for the split rims which he will tie in with the over fenders. It’s small details like this that make a big difference. On the interior, well he wants to keep it factory.

Understandably so, check out the dash on this thing! How cool is that?

And check out the lace throw on the rear seats. Notice the embroided Soarer logo.

I think caging the interior would be a waste, I love the way this thing looks inside. The seats are super comfortable too!

Special thanks to Phil McCusker for helping out.


Spec list:

  • Spec list:
    1987 Toyota Soarer 2.0 GT-Twin Turbo (GZ20)
    2000cc In-line straight six, 24 valve, 1G-GTE
    (Yamaha) gen 2 (211bhp standard – this one estimated 230-250bhp)
    5 speed Manual W58 Gearbox
    Spexi Induction
    Kakioto turbo down pipe
    Fujistubo Giken exhaust system
    ULTRA ignition leads
    Cusco strut brace
    Tein fully adjustable coilovers


  • 15″ SSR SpeedStar alloy wheels
    Super cool digital dashboard
    Blitz illumiDrive Turbo boost gauge
    JDM in-car boost controller
    Momo Classic steering wheel
    Razo pedal set
    Hiro Aero kit
    JUN wide arch kit
    Hakosuka rear spoiler