The Final, championships are decided

17th October 2018 — by Fueltopia Events



The Final, championships are decided

17th October 2018 — by Fueltopia Events

As storm Callum battered the UK this weekend, the Fueltopia events teamed braved the elements at Santa Pod Raceway for the Final round of the 2018 Barrel Sprint Championship

The RWD championship was tied-up by Ryan Milton at round 5 just a few weeks ago and although after 4 consecutive top spots on the podium; It wasn’t to be a 5th win for the Zestino driver he finished 2nd giving him enough points to claim the title.

The win went to 2018 rookie Neal Beagley in his MX5 and the reign of the MX5 continued at round 6 with a battle between Spencer Peacock and Gavin Riddell in the RWD final. The top two qualifiers went into the head to head battle and with one win each, it was all down the times and overall a 0.5 second gap between them.

Round 6 went to the Riddler, Gavin’s first top spot on the podium and he couldn’t have been happier to take his place on that step.

In U1, it had been Andy Biddles season and he had the championship sewn up before round 6. That doesn’t mean the brothers don’t give it their all and when head to head in the finals its anyone’s. Andy however took the win the 2018 championship title with another win.

The AWD class was to be tied up at round 6. Jonathan Buck had taken an early lead in the championship over the first 4 rounds, leading ahead of Scoobyclinic teammate Dmitrij Sribnyj by 6 points.

After engine failure hit Jonathan’s Subaru and not wanting to miss out on any vital points, he bought his new project car to race. His new Subaru powered Mini, purchased just a few weeks before, it had not undergone any testing besides a few donuts in his yard. (You may have seen the video after it went viral on facebook).

A few runs really showed off the potential the car has, and we can’t wait to see it out on track once it has been fixed up and set up to race. Round 5 finished with Dmitrij on the top step and Bucky nabbed 8 points for 2nd.

Round 6 came around and 6 drivers signed on ready to claim those last vital championship points. 4 points separated the Scoobyclinic teammates, whilst fighting for 3rd in the championship and equal on points after 5 rounds were Andy Stevens and Michael Irwin.

Both the Scoobyclinic drivers had shipped their cars off to South Africa earlier in the week. So Bucky brought out the Mini again, whilst Sribnyj was back in his Subaru Impreza for the final.

Still with lots of work to do when it came around to qualifying Bucky finished outside of the top 4 and wouldn’t make it into the battle stages. Sribnyj qualified highest and with a minimum of 6 points it meant that he had secured the 2018 Championship for the 6th year!

In the battle of 3rd Andy Stevens qualified 2nd and Michael Irwin in 4th. Andy’s first battle was against Yordan Andreev where he took the win, after Andreev made an error n his first run resulting in a DNF. Two clean runs took Stevens into the final and a battle between Dmitrij and Michael Irwin ended with engine failure for Irwin and a place in the final for Sribynj.

The final commenced, and the first run saw a small error for Dmitrij, giving Andy Stevens a 1.1 second lead over the champion. The second run was clean for both drivers, but clearly frustrated at himself, Dmitrij pulled out the fastest run of the day at 24.593 seconds. The total tallied up and Sribnyj took the round win from Andy by just 0.4 seconds.

So, that’s it! Both race championships tied up and winners confirmed, all that’s left is for us to celebrate another great year with the Fueltopia Family at the inaugural end of season awards in November!

Thank you to all our 2018 sponsors, Ruislip Tyres, Samcosport, Icaris Timing Solutions, HPI Racing, Hel performance, Aireshelta Inflatables, Jelf Motorsport Insurance, Syclone signs and graphics and CTRL.

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