The Ultimate Gymkhana movie, yes, yes it is

20th December 2018 — by Black Flagged

Hot dog! The Hoonigans have done it again. Over six million views already it’s no wonder that Ken Block is as relevant today as he was back when they melted people’s minds with Gymkhana 1

Back when You Tube was in it’s infancy it was cool to see someone chucking about a Subaru in ways that most of us would dream about, (to re-live the glory, click here) – but to then re-invent and elevate yourself from the 100’s of thousands of copy cat videos takes some savvy know how.

If you’ve not managed to watch it yet, then hit the link. If you’ve seen it, watch it again, it’s only better the more you watch it

Featuring not only Ken Block, the HHIC (Head Hoonigan In Charge) brings some other talent to the table. Oliver Solberg, son on WRC legend, Petter Solberg. At just 16 at the age of filming, Oliver sends in a WRC car into tandem on a frozen lake.

Another character enters into Gymkhana again, but if we told you more, then we’d only ruin the surprise


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